Hands Down Cousins Down-Kirk Cousins was never the Answer for the Vikings

In March 2018, free-agent QB and former Washington Redskin Kirk Cousins signed a 3 year Fully Guaranteed Contract with the Minnesota Vikings to become their franchise QB. The first-ever fully guaranteed contract for a football player in the history of the NFL. Once I saw this signing, I looked at my brother, with the most concerned face you could ever see as a fan of this game, and the exact quote came from my mouth “ The Vikings just destroyed any hope they had to win a championship”. Kirk Cousins is not the solution or answer for these once proud purple eaters. 

Don’t worry people, I brought ammo to back up my claim on why Kirk Cousins is the problem, and no one else is to blame. Kirk is a terrible pocket passer with no urgency or accuracy. Kirk has two of the most talented WR in the game today, and he has not thrown over 300 yards passing yet this season. Kirk in 2018 finished his first season with the Vikings with 4,298 passing yards, 30 TD, 10 INT, 99.7 passer rating. Garbage time stats is what I relate to these decent stats. The Vikings were fresh off an NFC championship appearance in 2017. Former QB Case Keenum was the QB! They made an upgrade with the signing of Cousins and the Vikings missed the postseason. Same team, same roster. I gave Cousins a pass because it was his first year in this system, the defense was doing work as they were 9th in the league, and the offensive line was playing like trash all season as they finished 29th in the league. Kirk finished 4th in passing ranking through all of this. 

2019 has arrived and we are now through four weeks and these Minnesota Vikings are 2-2. Kirk Cousins is 25th in passing as we speak, offensive line is 24th, and the only bright spot is RB Dalvin Cook’s resurgence as a star in this league, which is refreshing for fantasy owners, and these Vikings who have Cook to thank for their two wins. This experiment was a failure by Vikings GM (General Manager) Rick Spielman, and he needs to collect these losses and just either trade Cousins or look elsewhere. This team has all the talent in the world and that talent is not being showcased.

When I say talent I mean you have WR Stefon Diggs and your other WR Adam Thielen at your disposal. RB Cook in the backfield and an amazing head coach in Mike Zimmer who may lose his job if he doesn’t get the Vikings into the postseason for the second straight year. Cousins was never the answer, Minnesota never needed him. Cousins wasn’t the missing piece. If they stuck with Case Keenum they would have coasted back into the postseason with a cap that isn’t as hard-pressed as it is right now with Kirk Cousin’s salary. 

Hands down, Cousins down!