HBO’s Euphoria- Why you should Watch

As the kids say Euphoria is lit. Euphoria created by Sam Levinson is The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Requiem For A Dream combined in a modern day setting. The relatability in this series is fierce. Anyone that struggled some way or another in high school or even just attended parties will have a character to relate to.

The star of the show, Rue, who is played by the singer and actress Zendaya, is a drug addict that just got out of rehab. She only went at her mother’s request and wants to keep using. The show focuses on multiple characters each with their own severe issues. There’s a strugle for everyone, transgender, fat, promiscuous, secretly gay, drug addiction and more.

The show that first comes to mind in terms of similarity is Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why but without the hard to believe plot. Think more of The Wire but with teenagers. Everyone in this series experiences tramua. The shows story line is continuous but with each episode focusing on a new character. 

This is an amazing series with so many sequences that remind me of what it was really like to experience high school, which normally is not done well on film. It’s really a nostalgic viewing but for all the dark secrets people try to forget from their youth. This show hit me on a very deep level, watching the same situations I went through when I was young acted out with impenetrable accuracy.

I highly recommend this show and so does rotten tomatoes while its sitting at 85% fresh. Watch it now on HBO and deep dive into your forgotten past, remember the good times and the bad.