Hell Frozen Over: CM Punk Returns To WWE


That title isn’t right.

“CM Punk returns to FS1 for FOX Sports” …

Honestly, I don’t know what to definitively label this article because of the possible nature of this big return.

It’s all confusion and rumors dating back to 2014 but more on that in a little bit.

Last night as WWE Backstage on FS1 was ending, Renee Young brought Punk out and it was then confirmed that Punk was back, and he is apparently going to be a regular on WWE Backstage.

This is huge on a number of scales.

First, there is no shot of All Elite Wrestling or any other promotion getting Punk while he’s doing this gig.

Second, no one figured that Punk would return after repeating saying in interview after interview that he was “done with professional wrestling”.

Now with this return, there are obvious caveats…

This doesn’t necessarily mean Punk is back with WWE. This just means Punk is working on a show produced by FOX about WWE.

But questions have arisen now…

What does this all mean?

Well let’s look at three possible scenarios and see where Punk’s future goes from here:

Stays on FS1; Does Nothing With WWE

So it is perceived that Punk being on WWE Backstage as a permanent fixture means that Punk is under contract…but not to WWE. Punk has done events for FOX and FOX Sports before so technically he is a FOX employee and Punk could just do the show every week to bring up ratings and don’t get involved with WWE at all.

It will be difficult though especially when you have WWE talent on the show and it’s very possible that Punk and Triple H will cross paths on that show. But like I said…he could just do the show and never get in bed with WWE again.

Leaves FS1; Wrestles Again

Since 2014, CM Punk has not wrestled a match. He is one of the longest-reigning WWE Champions in history, one of the most controversial individuals of all time and someone that the fans have not been able to stop talking about for five years.

In 2014, there were rumors that CM Punk was due to be at a RAW event, but he came to the arena and something happened backstage and he left the arena and went home. Then WWE apparently sent Punk his termination papers on the day of his wedding to former WWE Divas Champion and former wrestler in her own right, AJ Lee. Ever since then, Punk has said he’s retired and done with WWE and wrestling.

Now that he’s back, this could open the door to a return. After all, Triple H has been asked about Punk in many interviews and there’s been one constant statement in all of them… “The door is always open”.

I mean that’s what many fans want to happen and let’s be honest…

Renee Young, though she works for FOX on WWE Backstage, is still a WWE employee doing commentary and kickoff shows when needed.

Booker T, though he does his own thing, is still affiliated with WWE especially when he’s doing kickoff shows for every PPV.

Samoa Joe is a wrestler that’s still under WWE contract, Paige is retired but she just got an extension.

So it’s kind of difficult to see Punk just being a FOX employee working on a WWE show without a return in some form.

Stays on FS1; Doesn’t Wrestle Again But Gets Involved With WWE

During his last days with WWE, Punk was doing commentary on some RAW episodes. This very well could be a possibility. Question is does Punk want to work for Vince McMahon again? Now obviously the construction of WWE has changed in 5 years. Triple H has more power and Vince is still there but more involved with the rebirth of the XFL.

Punk can keep his promise and never get back into the ring. But maybe Punk can become a regular on commentary. I mean WWE’s commentary is not totally something to be desired so Punk on commentary would make matches more entertaining. Again, would Punk do it? Time will tell.

WWE’s social media has been going crazy since last night so there definitely is interest, but we will have to see what happens.

Regardless of whether you hate him or love him or don’t care, this is BIG for wrestling and it will be interesting to see where things go from here.

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