Home Sweet Home: Ideal Landing Spots for Cam Newton

The Panthers announced Cam Newton would be placed on Injured Reserve, thus ending his 2019 campaign and now we have all kinds of questions surrounding Cam’s future with the team. There’s a good reason for that, in the last 8 games under Cam the team is 0-8 and in the past 7 games under Kyle Allen, they are 6-1. So Carolina would be more inclined to drop Cam after this season and shave off a 21.8M Cap hit to roll with the cheaper Kyle Allen option.

So where could Cam go to continue his career. Cam is still a league winning MVP and one of the greatest mobile QB of the Super Bowl Era, and I believe a team that is a QB away from contending is an ideal spot for Cam.

#5. Detroit Lions:

The Lions have peaked with Matt Stafford let’s face it he’s had 3 different head coaches in his career and the Lions have only made the playoffs twice and never won the division. Stafford a former #1 overall pick in his own right has done a lot to change things for the Lions being when he was drafted there the team was 0-16 so he hasn’t been terrible to he also hasn’t won an MVP or lead Detroit out of the first round of the playoffs. Under Matt Patricia, the Lions have put together a defensive front that is very good and Kerryon Johnson is a back that can keep the chains moving, Cam could work wonders with his legs extending plays.

#4. Pittsburgh Steelers:

Even without Big Ben, the Steelers have shown they have a roster deep enough to compete, Mason Rudolph isn’t the long term answer and neither is Cam, but he is an immediate upgrade, he would come at a cheaper price than keeping Big Ben. The talent on Pittsburgh’s roster right now I believe is good enough to win a Super Bowl with a young Pro Bowl receiver in JuJu Smith-Schuster, and All-Pro Tailback James Conner to go along with the extremely underrated defensive talent that includes TJ Watt, Trey Edmunds, Minkah Fitzpatrick, and Devin Bush. Cam could be the missing piece to a 7th Lombardi being brought to the Steel City.

#3. Chicago Bears:

This one is for Tim King. Every Sunday it seems fans grow more and more frustrated with Mitchell Trubisky. Trubisky was the 2019 preseason favorite to win league MVP and let’s just say he’s fallen very short on that this year, looking back at the Eagles game this past Sunday the Bears were only able to generate 9 yards of offense. Yes, there is a huge problem and the Bears need to fix it because they have built a defense that can lift them all the way to the Super Bowl and the Offensive talent is there on this team with Dave Montgomery, Anthony Miller, Allen Robinson, Trey Burton, etc. There is no excuse at this point as to why this team shouldn’t be in the thick of the NFC playoff chase and there’s no Cody Parkey to scapegoat here, Love you, Mitch, we’re from the same state but Cam immediately turns this team into legitimate Super Bowl contenders.

#2. Tennessee Titans:

This could be a great place for Cam to finish up his career, the Titans would have to make some changes on offense to cater their system to fit Newton but they should be inclined to do so. This team is loaded with great talent on both sides of the football and a running back that is one of the very best in the entire NFL they’ve just been plagued by inconsistent play from the QB position and a lot of that is due to the organization but if Mike Vrabel is back next season this could be the only way to salvage his reputation, this defense is amazing but the window is closing and without an offense that can half-way produce this team will never go from good to great.

#1. New England Patriots:

As it comes to Tom Brady’s career in New England I for one actually do believe this is his last year there, I believe the stage is set, we’ve seen this team dominate for over the past 2 decades winning 6 Super Bowls and playing in 9. We will never see anything like that in the sport ever again. And I believe Cam would actually be the perfect bridge here because he has a New England pedigree (All-Pro, Pro Bowler, MVP) and he could take the last bit of what is left of this team next year and go compete for a Super Bowl himself whether he would be playing for Bill Belichick or Josh McDaniels with the defense they’ve got and the pieces they have on offense Cam at this point would be an upgrade over Brady as 2019 has truly shown the decline of Tom Brady (which he is the Goat but no one can escape father time).