From 9-5 to Pride

Whether it’s sports, music, wrestling, boxing, or entertainment we always find ourselves rooting for our hometown stars. In my hometown we are known for great athletes. That list includes Ray Lewis, Mike and Maurkice Pouncey, Albert McClellan, Chris Sale, and last year’s World Series MVP Steve Pearce.

However, what you don’t hear about are the athletes who are on the rise, fighting and clawing to get to where they strive to be. The men and women who are rising stars but you have no idea who they are. They are your every day 9-5 co-workers. These men and women push through their everyday lives to support their families all while striving to accomplish their ultimate dreams.

Meet Damian a hardworking young man who maintains not one but two jobs. He works his normal Monday-Friday grind and when he’s off, he is the defending Rival Fight League Champion (based in Florida). He boasts an impressive 4 and 1 record. He is a fierce competitor in the octagon but a gentle giant while at work.

He was born in St. Lucia. He began his dream to become a mixed martial artist after his military career had ended. Being an avid mix martial arts fan he wanted to become a fighter. Damian is a very well mannered man in a fierce sport. I just wanted to take a moment to highlight one of the thousands of stories of this kind.

I am rooting hard for Damian. Not only because he is from my hometown but because I see his grind. I see the work he puts in. I hope the absolute best for him in his dreams and ambition to become a star in the MMA scene.