Horizon Zero Dawn…2?

Back in early 2017, a game that blew our minds was released, Horizon Zero Dawn. It snuck under the radar for me and blew my mind when Mad Techi told me I needed to play it. Partly because about four months previously he had sold his PS4 and said he wasn’t coming back to it. He bought a new one, just to play that game.

So you don’t have to scroll to look for the substance of the article, here is the details. No offical information has been released, but the studio is showing a lot of activity and a lot of speculation that a new Zero Dawn game might be coming out with the Playstation 5. That is everything in a nutshell. For those who don’t know about this amazing game, keep reading.

We start off as an outcast Nora (tribal civilization) that are hunting giant robots that behave very oddly like different animals we would see in modern times, or older. At first, some of the behavior seems random, but the more you watch and observe you see there is a pattern to everything.

Armed at first with just a bow, the arrows are metal-tipped, you learn to hunt and sometimes run from these creatures. You find out about a cult that worship some demons from the past and bandits that hunt normal citizens. All while you seek out your character’s unique parentage. All while you discover why the Earth became this way.

I am not going to give you spoilers on this. The reveal is on a level that I would equate with the big ending of Sixth Sense. It is not a story that comes from left field. It has a natural progression and it concludes in a logical way. It is not a surprise for the sake of surprise.

Without a doubt, it is a game of a generation. Metacritic giving it a 95% positive rating. Gamestop giving it 4.5/5. Just everything about the original game made it a game that you need to play.

Now we are seeing hints that PS5 will bring us a second one. I guess I need to get a PS5.