How Should Drew McIntyre Get His Spotlight in 2020?

How Should Drew McIntyre get his spotlight?

Back in 2009, there came along this Scottish Lad who was introduced to the WWE Universe. His name was Drew McIntyre. He played the role of being a man of entitlement. He had a good look and an amazing entrance. He was even dubbed as ‘The Chosen One’.

Soon after his debut, he won the Intercontinental Championship from John Morrison. He was then “suspended” by then-GM Teddy Long. Kofi Kingston would win a tournament to win the title but Vince McMahon still dubbed “The Chosen One” as the champion. However, after this reign Drew would not hold another singles title in WWE.

While the obvious answer to why he never held another singles title is poor booking. That poor booking had much to do with Drew’s backstage attitude. One problem was his attitude backstage because of his mother’s passing and his broken relationship with then-fiancee Taryn Terrell.

The rest of his time in WWE was downhill. He won the tag titles with Cody Rhodes. After that stint was over he fluttered around the low mid-card before teaming with Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal to form 3MB.

3MB while wildly popular were essentially jobbers. Which really is a shame considering the talent in the group. This odd combination actually got over. They weren’t supposed to but the crowd loved them. I remember a time during the main event of Raw when The Shield was supposed to come out and instead the fans were clamoring for 3MB. Pretty funny stuff as the fans were chanting ‘We Want 3MB.’ But then soon thereafter Mahal and McIntyre were released.

This was a blessing for both superstars. McIntyre would go on to kill it in the Indies and TNA. He would become the champion wherever he went. Becoming TNA World Champion and really making a new name for himself.

After his stint on the Indies and in TNA, Drew found himself reinvented and reinvigorated. He got the call from HHH to come to NXT and he was there. In NXT Drew did what Drew does and he won the NXT Championship. Drew had a great run on NXT and was soon called to the main roster.

Once he hit the main roster, he was stuffed in a tag team with Dolph Ziggler. Although winning the tag titles twice that team went nowhere. He would go on to feud with Roman Reigns. A feud that only did Reigns favors. Drew looked great as always but took the losses when it mattered most.

So, this leads us to the question…What the hell is happening to Drew McIntyre? I first started watching him in 2010, when I got back into watching WWE. Actually, on the first day, I watched WWE again, it was the night The Miz cashed in and won the WWE Championship. Which was pretty awesome. Then I watched Smackdown and I saw this young superstar with a funny accent. He seemed to be one of those ‘Classy Characters.’

But since he returned to the main roster?

WWE’s done nothing with The Sinister Scotsman. Or the Scottish Psychopath. Nothing.

2020 has to be his year. It has to. If not if I were him I would think about leaving.

Here’s what I would do with McIntyre right now. We have tow situations.

Keep him Heel: I’d have him win the 2020 Royal Rumble and live up to his ‘Chosen One’ moniker. I’d even have Vince return to TV to help promote him as The Chosen One. Hell, bring back Broken Dreams. Just make his character feel alive again.

Keep him Face: This route is easy. Drew is so naturally talented the crowd wants to cheer him. Have him win the Royal Rumble and then win the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania from Brock Lesnar. That’s a dream match fans have been wanting to see since McIntyre’s return to the company. Two huge dudes and legit badasses. Drew wins this match and solidifies himself as the present of the business.

Once Drew wins the belt I’d have him hold it all year. I’d have him beat names like Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, and Rey Mysterio. Then have him turn heel right in the middle of his run and become a real monster. Ripping apart his opponents left and right. He’ll be a Terminator. Once Drew shows the bit of vulnerability I would have him form a stable and continue his domination.

That’s how I’d book McIntyre’s 2020. Do I expect big things from him? I really do. What do you think will happen to McIntyre in 2020? Will 2020 be The Age of McIntyre? Or do you think it’ll be another year of empty promises for WWE’s Scottish Psychopath?