Is Antonio Brown Retiring- AB Drama Continues, this time with the Raiders

The never ending saga of Antonio Brown and his year of drama looks to be continuing, but now with Oakland. Brown wanted out of Pittsburgh and that’s exactly what he got when the Steelers traded him this offseason to Oakland for a 3rd and 5th round pick. Early reports had Brown as a great teammate so far. Again, early.

AB has missed Raiders camp while recovering from frost bite on his feet. Word now is that Brown has not made any recent contact with the Raiders and the team has no idea on his whereabouts.

AB has now stated that he will never play football again if the NFL doesn’t let him play with the helmet he wants and not the new ones that the NFL has mandated for safety concerns, once again more drama.

If reports hold true then Jon Gruden and company could be having some serious buyer’s remorse.

This is a pretty shocking turn of events for the Raiders but you know who isn’t surprised by this move, the team that traded him in the first place, the Pittsburgh Steelers. AB has never been a model employee, often showing up to meetings late, being a media darling (drama queen), giving up on plays on the field, or just flat out quitting i.e. Week 17 last year.

So much for that “Commitment to excellence” right AB?

Justin Patterson