Is Keanu Reeves a Vampire?

The answer is no. At least as far as we can tell. The joke comes from a meme that is 55 years old and doesn’t look like he has aged at all. In fact, I would be willing to wager he could go back to playing Bill and Ted movies just by shaving. Of course, there is more to the joke and the conspiracy.

There have been more than a handful of paintings and pictures of historical figures that look remarkably like him. Some of them even dying and the next one even being born a short time after the other. The kind of details you would give an immortal trying to hide as time passes on.

The oldest known picture of one of these faux Keanu Reeves goes back to the 1500s. Although worth mentioning some have suggested he looked like Charlemange which would put the oldest 748-814. Looking at some of the pictures I can see the resemblance, but that one is the biggest stretch.

The one that catches my eye is Paul Mounet (1847-1922). He was a doctor and then became an actor. Paul also was referred to as being ageless and in the few pictures you see of him, also has the John Wick stare. The part that makes it more interesting is that Paul’s body was never discovered (at least as the immortal Reeves stories go.)

The actor has even been approached by the stories of the possibilities of him being immortal. Being the awesome man he is, he had the best response ever.


Didn’t say anything else. Didn’t deny it or jokingly add to it. Just a “huh” as if someone stumbled onto your secret and you don’t know how to play it off yet. I don’t really think he is immortal. I do, however, love most of his movies and think he is generally a good person. There are a lot of stories of him being extremely approachable and going out of his way to make things better for people.

If you want me to collect those stories and report them, let us know in the comments.