Is Philip Rivers Dan Marino 2.0?

Dan Marino is possibly the greatest quarterback to never win a Super Bowl, but is Philip Rivers gaining ground on him?

This is in no way any disrespect to Philip Rivers, Marino was one of the greats but never made it to the Super Bowl. This is more of a comparison of careers. Both men have made many accomplishments but never made it to the big one, it’s almost deja vu with Rivers and Marino. 

First the Hall of Famer Dan Marino. The man had a cannon and threw all over the field back in the day with the Miami Dolphins, but you probably already knew that it’s Dan Marino. Marino accomplished a lot in his time in the NFL, he was a 9x Pro Bowler, 3x All Pro, 1x MVP, 1984 AP Offensive Player of the year, 1998 Walter Payton Award, and the 1994 Comeback Player of the year. 

That’s not all either, Marino also had 420 passing touchdowns, on 252 interceptions with 60,000 plus passing yards. Marino could always get the job done through the air, I mean we all remember the infamous fake spike. It just comes with the game.

Philip Rivers is one of the best quarterbacks we have had through the 2000’s and 2010’s. Always being a top 5 quarterback in almost every year up to now sometimes Rivers does not get the credit he deserves. With the 2019 season, we can now start to see its way past Rivers prime. Age is finally catching up to him, making his play very wishy-washy. This season Rivers is at 3,169 yards, with 15 touchdowns and 14 interceptions while the Chargers sit at 4-7. This is the first year in a while the stacked Chargers team will most likely miss the playoffs unless they hit gold and win out. 

We’re not sure exactly when Rivers will retire, most likely sooner rather than later giving his recent play and the team’s success. Once Rivers does retire he would go out as one of the best to do it, because as of now in Rivers career he has 57,000 plus passing yards, 389 touchdowns and 192 interceptions. Rivers is also an 8x Pro bowler and 2013 Comeback Player of the year. Very similar to Marino, both great in a lot of ways. It makes a lot of sense to compare these two, they have similar styles of play and great accolades. So I think it is safe to say Philip Rivers is Dan Marino 2.0.