Is the NFL the WWE in Disguise?

I am posing a serious question to you…Is the NFL the WWE in Disguise?

When you put it into perspective it’s not that far fetched. As we all know the WWE is scripted by writers…almost like a soap opera. There is nothing wrong with that or the WWE. I used to be a hardcore fan. I still get back into it here and there but I’ve mostly fallen out. As a die hard NFL fan I’ve seen so many games that just don’t add up and aren’t right. It seems that the league more often than not does “what’s best for businesses.” It’s like the league is on a repeat cycle and it gets changed when the time feels right. It’s always the same bad teams year after year…and it’s always the same great teams year after year. Ironically enough it’s always the same middle pack teams every year. Then you’ve got the referees who really control the outcome of the game more than the players do…(just like WWE).

You see the teams with the biggest fan bases get the calls and you see the teams that “don’t matter” get absolutely screwed week after week. It’s almost like there’s this source we don’t know about that decides what teams “are gonna get pushed” and what teams “are gonna be league door handles.”

I’m sure they base it off of some sort of statistic on who’s getting the highest ratings. Calling the NFL rigged isn’t even a conspiracy theory at this point. It’s become as predictable as a horror movie. Something needs to change with how they are running things. The MLB and the NBA are far more competitive and interesting. There isn’t another sport in the world where the games are as predictable as the NFL.

It seems like every week a team jumps out to a huge lead. The refs make some calls, the momentum entirely switches, the game gets close, then the opposing team makes “a great comeback” as the headlines would say.

We saw that this past Monday Night.

I appreciate you reading this and would like your thoughts… feel free to chime in.

Let me know what you think.