Jonah Hill in Talks To Play New Batman Villain but There’s One Problem

A supervillain ransom is happening in the new Batman, but it’s not on the screen. It’s the deal to play the villain by Jonah Hill. News broke earlier this month that Jonah Hill was in talks with Warner Bros. to star alongside Robert Pattinson in the new adaptation of The Batman. For a month an offer has been on the table for Jonah Hill to play an unnamed Arkham resident and foil, to the caped crusader. Sources close to the deal say that he is either going to play “The Riddler” or “The Penguin”. This, however, is not the craziest news to be dropped by the blockbuster making company. While the twice Oscar nominated actor would be a welcome addition to any franchise. There is only one thing holding back our Superbad alum Jonah Hill from invading Gotham and that’s the green. 

Reporter Justin Kroll, who broke the initial story, took to Twitter to discuss certain details about the situation. In a since-deleted tweet, Kroll says, “Jonah Hill has had the offer for over a month and that money has been a bargaining point, in addition to not being able to settle on which specific character he would be playing.” 

The amount discussed is a staggering ten million dollars. Which is an even more surprising sum, when it was realized that Robert Pattinson is not going to be paid half that to star as the main character. The Twilight star and new face for the DC franchise would be making around five million for the role of Bruce Wayne. If Jonah stays on as the new main antagonist against Pattinson’s Batman, it could prove to be the draw that a new franchise needs.

Matt Reeves the writer/director of this new film has promised to include a vast amount of the rogue gallery in the Batman film. After coming off of the successful Planet of the Apes films, this director seems to be a good fit for all involved. With new casting and production rumors rolling in every day, we are excited to see a new vision for a known story.  Hopefully, the back dealings can be settled, because to me the only evil people are the ones that stall movies.

We can only wait and see if these two engage in an epic battle. Batman is due to swing on the silver screen June 25th, 2021. We will have to see which villains show up to threaten Gotham in future news.