Josh Jacobs is the Offensive Rookie of the Year

Josh Jacobs is the Offensive Rookie of the Year

Josh Jacobs is a certified workhorse in just his first year with the Oakland Raiders. Jacobs does a lot of things very well. He has powerful legs, great speed, he can make defenders miss in the holes, and can also catch the ball. So far this season he has 218 rushing attempts with 1,061 rushing yards and its only week 15. 

He is averaging 4.9 yards a carry and has 7 touchdowns on the ground. He also has added over 100 yards in the passing game. I don’t see there being a better offensive rookie this year candidate. Kyler Murray started hot but he and the Cardinals have cooled tremendously. At this point in this season, the stats speak for themselves. Jacobs is currently the third-ranked PFF running back of 2019 and has caused the most missed tackles of anyone playing the game.

The Raiders are 6-7 and currently are sitting at the number two spot in the AFC West. A lot of that has to do with Jacobs. Jon Gruden likes to play a physical running style on offense which is why Jacobs was drafted to be the bell cow back. Jacobs and their revamped offensive line were catalysts in a few of the Raiders big wins earlier this season.

Jacobs is certainly the future of the franchise and is a sure lock for Offensive Rookie of the Year. 

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