Kilts are a Thing

Kilts are a Thing

First, let me explain the three states of being. Something is either not a thing, it is a thing, or it needs to be a thing. Kilts are definitely a thing. For those who don’t know me personally, I have been wearing what’s called a utility kilt. Roughly speaking it is a kilt made to be practical.

The longer explanation is that it is machine washable. It is also made to be sturdy and my favorite part, deep pockets. Not to mention good ventilation. Which all of these things have made me really enjoy my last couple of months wearing a kilt.

The only real downside is that you will get odd looks and if you are someone who does not handle the cold weather, it will be a seasonal thing. Although that has not been a problem from me. My time in the military made me not care about how people look at me. Also, I am a freak of nature and generally immune to the cold.

The company I bought from is called Utilikilts. They claim to be the first people to design and make them. I am not sure if it is true, but they do make a good product. Not to mention they are an American company, which is generally a good thing.

They have several kilts. I have experience with the Mocker and the Spartan. The first one I bought was the Spartan, which was a little up there in price. I will tell you now it was worth the price. The comfort and practical nature of it have made it worth it. Putting it through its paces has also proven its claims of durability.

The Mocker is my more recent purchase. Designed to fit in environments meant to look more professional. The colors matching those of what you would get in slacks. My only problem with the Mocker over the Spartan is the location of the pockets. The Spartan having more on the side, while the Mocker has them more in the front.

The Mockers benefit that is over the Spartan is I got it in a monotone color and able to match it in my wardrobe much better. Black is a color that is easier to conceal dirt and match with different colors. I general wear darker colors anyway because it masks my weight a little bit.

To sum everything up, give them a try. I know not everyone will feel comfortable wearing them. The people I talked to want to stay away from more due to social reasons, then something practical.

If nothing else share this article or their website so that someone who wants to give a try can. Benefit they get a good product and they help an American Business.