Let’s talk about Symbiotes (Venom)

With the way things are going with Tom Holland and the Venom movies, we need to learn about Symbiotes. We already know that we are getting Carnage and there are many others. The movie alluded to a lot of the different characteristics of a Symbiote. So we need to talk about their history and the comic history of Venom. The first to appear in comics.

In Marvel comics, there was a character called the Beyonder. A lot of retcon is involved with him and I am not going to explain that here. Leave it at he is a God-like, reality-warping entity. He did not understand the idea of desire or the compulsion to try and do things. He was so immeasurably powerful that he doesn’t need to try. To answer that he summoned a large collection of Marvel Universe heroes and villains to a planet he created.

This comic series is called Secret Wars. Make sure you get the one at the ‘S’ at the end or you get an entirely different story. It is good, but not the one I am talking about. That one is a crossover where Nick Fury screws over a bunch of heroes.

Of course one of the people summoned is Spiderman. During this trip he damaged his outfit and sought to repair. He came across a piece of alien tech that he thought others were using to repair their outfits. The webslinger went to the wrong one and summoned the symbiote later known as Venom.

He wore the suit for a good bit after that. It made him stronger and could replicate his street clothes. Gave him most of the abilities you see Eddie Brock doing in Venom movie, with the exception being it didn’t need to eat people. That comes later.

After awhile Spiderman starts to lose track of time. People reporting him being in places he doesn’t remember. It was the suit taking control over him. He was able to separate from it at a clock tower. One of its weaknesses being sound. It, of course, did not stay gone. It later returned while he slept and reattached. Peter Parker was able to get the Fantastic Four’s tower and the Human Torch was able to burn it off.

This gave us the Bombastic Bagman outfit for Spiderman. As the four did not know his identity, he had to hide it. They loaned him a suit from their stash, put a paper bag over his head and he was on his way. Spiderman not noticing the ‘Kick me’ sign that the Human Torch added.

After that, the suit ended up with Eddie Brock. Someone that hated Peter Parker and this allowed the bond of Venom that has taken place for a majority of the characters run. Continuing to be a villain that could give the webslinger a run for his money. Not just because he was stronger, but because he was immune to his spider-sense.

During one of the times that Brock was in jail, and was broken out by the suit returning to him, it was ‘pregnant’. It split off and created the red symbiote Carnage. It immediately attached to the psychotic Cletus Kasady, who was a sociopathic murderer. This resulted in the few times that Venom and Spiderman having to team up. Carnage not only didn’t understand right from wrong but wanted to just kill everything.

Carnage later did have children, but they are not important to talk about yet. As they are more likely going to relegated to side characters for future story arcs. What is important is the origin of the first Symbiote, All-Black. He was the first Klyntar, or Symbiote as we know them, ever created. All of his species come from him. As when a Symbiote breeds, it splits off creating its ‘children’. Who are also considered naturally stronger than their ‘parents.’

All-Black is an exception. He was created by Knull, a demi-god who created the creature from the darkness that was before ‘let there be light’. He forged like you would forge a sword. In a fire, over an anvil with a hammer. This actually created the psychosomatic weakness of sound and fire. Meaning they are not actually weak to it, it is just in their head.

Just so it is clear the difference in power between Venom and Carnage to All Black, is the same as you and I vs Thor. He was made from the ‘Primordial Darkness’ from before the universe. Originally used to create an army for Knull to conquer all. He got separated from Knull and went on to create the Klyntar.

Worth mentioning he is not dead and gone. One of his previous hosts is the god Thor. The good news is they are separated right now. His current host is Loki… so bad news.

Going to end this with, I want Spiderman to stay in the MCU. I want to see Spiderman interacting with the Fantastic Four and I want to see him fighting Venom. Also I don’t want to lose Tom Holland as Spiderman. Let’s see what the future gives us.

As an added note about the other Secret War comic. It has one of my favorite Captain America and Wolverine moment. Wolvie is drunk hitting on a stewardess. Cap goes back to him and tells him he will sit down and behave.

Logan does as he is told.