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Top 5 Wrestling Podcasts

Nowadays there are so many podcasts to choose from. So choosing what to listen to is very important. Heck, you can find my podcast Tyler's Take on the All Everything Entertainment Network. Cheap plus, I digress. Anyway, the wrestling

5 Baseball Movies You Must Watch

As we are all in quarantine I know there are more than a few people drowning in their own tears from the lack of sports (myself might be included). As it is baseball season I am hurting to watch America's pastime. For the past few weeks, I

5 Losers from the 2020 NFL Draft

The 2020 NFL Draft is behind us and it was fun as it usually is. We sat on our couches, drank our adult beverages, yelled at the TV when our team made a pick we like. We laughed at our rival team when they made a pick we thought was stupid

Hollywood’s Top 5 Dogs

Sadly, we have learned that Beatrice the French Bulldog, that played Stella on the ABC TV series Modern Family has passed away. Stella was Jay Pritchett’s dog on the show. Pritchett was played by actor Ed O’ Neil. The show just finished