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Top 10 WWE World Champions

The WWE Championship believe it or not use to be the working man’s title. It was the most prestigious championship in all of wrestling. This is my top 10 WWE world champions from a true performer standpoint. These are the best of the best.

Top 10 Bizarre MLB Injuries

Welcome to Top 10 Bizarre MLB Injuries from AEE. Injuries are an unavoidable part of sports. The stress on the human body is sometimes it's just too much. However, these Top 10 Bizarre MLB Injuries are going to focus on those that have

Top 10: NFL Draft Busts

With the draft just days away we continue to prepare for it, you guys have seen my hit or miss article with the 1st overall pick today we look at some of the biggest draft busts in recent NFL history. Welcome to AEE Top 10: NFL Draft

Top 10 Albums of All Time

Top 10 Albums of All Time Hi AEE Universe I'm Robbie.G and I am a huge music guy. I grew up listening to all kinds of music from rap to country and rock to pop music. If it sounded good to me I would listen. Just so everyone gets a

10 NXT Main Roster Failures

In this day and age NXT is the most popular brand in WWE. They do it in such a unique way that sets them apart from the main roster. The problem is NXT is still the developmental brand (technically). So eventually, we have to see our