Living With Yourself on Netflix, Two is Better Than One

Living With Myself, Two is Better Than One

Every person at one time or another has wished they could have a double of themselves. To help them clean around the house, go to work, and fix relationships. Netflix has brought this show to life. And not in a terrible threes company sense. Instead actually taking a look at what that would be like for both people to realize the trouble they might be in. 

Paul Rudd’s new Netflix show titled Living With Myself is a fun interesting, comedy that is hard to turn off. Created by Tim Greenberg and helmed by “Little Miss Sunshine” directors Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, this story starts off as most of us could relate. Life’s not going as good as you’d like. The guy you hate at work is getting the promotion, your wife is starting to lose interest, you’re just not as happy as you think you should be. Then out of the blue, a stranger appears. Someone seems to have a magic pill that can help you. A genie in a lamp with a wish that can make all things better. Change your life and make you happier. That is what is being offered by a local business called the Top Happy Spa (With a nice Cameo by Tom Brady leaving just in case you’re thinking about not going in). Their sales pitch is simple. Said to rewrite your DNA to make you the happier, more productive and a more confident version of yourself. 

The craziest part is that it works! He goes to work and gets a promotion, his wife sees him as more interesting, slowly falling back in love. Only to discover another copy of himself come home. They don’t rewrite your DNA at the Top Happy Spa, they clone a better version of you and then dispose of what you were before. Only this time it didn’t work. And now there are two versions of you. One that has the right to this life and the other who seems to be doing better at it than the original ever could.  

Living With Myself has a lot of the same scenes you’ve seen and shows before. Close calls, quick switches, and silly mix-ups. The area that the series really excels at though is showing us the human aspect of it. What would it be like to not be able to love your wife anymore? Or your friends or your family? What would you do to keep it? The show is very funny and has great moments of someone just appreciating life in all of its grandeur. 

This series is well accomplished with great writing that never takes the easy way out. Early on you’ll realize this isn’t your normal freaky Friday. You’ll be drawn in and you’re not sure which copy to root for. With a gray cliffhanger ending, I highly recommend this series if nothing else to see Paul Rudd accomplish this dual role of a miserable and happy-go-lucky version of this character Miles. It is some of his best character acting and to be honest who doesn’t want more Paul Rudd in a TV show? They are already in talks for a second season.

We will have to stay tuned to see if Netflix and the people viewing wants more living With Myself.