Managerial Change in New York- The Mets dismiss Mickey Callaway

Today the Mets relieved manager Mickey Callaway of his duties. Ultimately it came down to a results game, as the Mets fell short of October once again. Despite surging and putting up a valiant effort. Yet those within the organization felt the team had underachieved the last two seasons. Injuries decimated the Mets last season, but this year should have produced better. Especially with talent like Alonso, McNeil, Degrom, etc.

It can be a harsh business. Some questioned Mickey’s pitching moves. Yet it’s really a fickle thing. When the pitchers produce, no one says a peep. However, the manager is the village idiot when it goes sour. That’s the way it goes today. Results matter. Callaway seemed testy at times with the media as well. Overall, this may be for the best, even if things aren’t totally his fault.

What’s next for the Mets? Do they bring in Maddon? Maybe Joe Girardi takes another shot at New York. My feeling is they will go hard after Maddon.

Girardi is likely headed to the Cubs. Maddon tends to be a game changer for teams. See 2016. But does he really want to enter this New York fishbowl? He could choose to kick his feet up and go to SF or Los Angeles, with the Angels.

Time will tell. At the end of the day, decisions loom large for the Metropolitans.