Melvin Gordon is Back-Should You Trade Ekeler or Gordon Now That They’re Sharing Carries in San Angeles?

When it comes to fantasy trade scenarios whether they be hypothetical or factual, most of us say:

  • A. YAY
  • B. NAY

Trading in fantasy football always depends on who you have on your bench, who’s available on the waiver wire and what your strategy is. Are you trading for the immediate needs of your team or are you considering the full season?

There’s always more that goes into accepting/declining trade offers than just points and rankings. You need to look at the strength of the division that said players are involved in. You need to look at their future matchups, including their potential fantasy playoff matchups.

In this case, the Chargers HAVE to play Chiefs, arguably the best team in the AFC twice but also GET to play a weak Los Veglandes Raiders team and a weaker Denver Broncos squad who just lost their second-best pass rusher for the rest of the season.

Also, look at the team that you’re making the deal with and what their record is and not only how they’ll benefit from the trade but will it help them beat you. Don’t be selfish, other team owners want some of your attention too.

When it comes to Ekeler & Gordon there’s no harm in offering them, but just make sure you offer them in deals involving players you love and are structured to benefit you. Don’t just trade them cause you think they won’t produce and settle for a piece of crap mediocre player.

Remember, both Gordon and Ekler have value because:

  1. Gordon is an RB1 that is well-rested and should have an advantage over tiresome defenses going into week 5.
  2. Ekeler has proven that he is RB1 worthy on many other NFL teams and will be asking for a big paycheck from someone next year. He is taking every opportunity he has with the ball to prove so in bringing awareness to his talents and increasing his value.

Should you trade them? The answer is C.

Will you successfully trade them in a deal that will lead you to a Shivakamini Somakandarkram??

That depends on the accuracy of your gut’s instinct as well as how dedicated you are to doing the proper research and strategic planning.

needed to get that moist, delicious pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.