Miami Dolphins 7-Round Mock Draft

Welcome to the initial mock draft of the Miami Dolphins from AEE. This mock draft will be slightly different than other mock drafts you have read. In this mock draft, I will be using the simulator. Here is how the simulator works:

  • 1. Select the team you’d like to draft for. 
  • 2. Select how many rounds you’d like to draft. 
  • 3. Select your big board. 
  • 4. Select your set of Team Needs. 
  • 5. Select your Pick Order. 
  • 6. Select the level of Difficulty. Choosing “Difficult” will make the algorithm tighter (players won’t fall as far). 
  • 7. Make your picks for your team while the simulator chooses for the other 31 teams based on the best player available and updated team needs.

The Dolphins have picks in every round and even have 3 in the 1st round. There are 14 picks in all. In this mock draft, there will not be any trades and I will be choosing players based on who is available during the draft. I will be using CBS Sports 2020 Composite Prospect Rankings as the big board for my draft. I am using the user voted team needs and the Difficult setting.

Now that I have explained the rules of the mock draft, lets begin!

Round 1 Pick 5: QB Tua Tagovailoa

I was initially hoping to see LB Isaiah Simmons drop down to the 5th pick because I love his versatility and we know Miami needs all the help they can get on the defense. Instead, Tua fell to the 5th pick and I had to get him. I don’t see Josh Rosen as being the guy in Miami. I think he can be traded for a later pick and Tua gets the keys to the kingdom.

According to The Draft Network, “Tua Tagovailoa’s only question falls onto his durability after suffering multiple ankle injuries and a dislocated hip. His exposure and mastery of 2018 vertical offense and 2019 WCO concepts in Alabama offense provide easy projection to the pros — he’s an elite passer with rare intangibles, short-area quickness and accuracy. Tagovailoa has never met a stage that was too big, either. This is a face of a franchise player who, if healthy, will be an elite quarterback soon before long.”

Round 1 Pick 18: Edge K’Laon Chaisson

Chaisson is generating so much buzz in the last few weeks. Chaisson would fill a need on the EDGE and he is very skilled at rushing the passer. Chaisson is also good at defending against the run. With the first 2 picks of this mock draft, I have drafted 2 of the 3 most important positions on the team. I’m not sure Chaisson falls this far in the real draft, but in this spot, he is a no-brainer.

According to The Draft Network, “K’Lavon Chaisson is a dynamic threat off the edge — he possesses elite versatility, explosiveness, and a prototypical build to play a hybrid EDGE. Chaisson is still developing as a pass rusher but his effectiveness in speed rushes and inside stunts will afford him a pathway to early disruption. Chaisson is a high end run defender with length and heavy hands — a true natural in that regard. The sky is the limit. Chaisson, with more rush versatility, can be a cornerstone defender.”

Round 1 Pick 26: OT Jedrick Wills

This mock draft has to be the dream scenario for all Dolphin fans. In this mock draft, I have now filled the 3 most important positions with all 2 first-round draft picks. Wills would be the 6th tackle taken in the first round behind Andrew Thomas, Tristan Wirfs, Josh Jones, Mekhi Becton, and Austin Jackson. I was planning on looking at either Safety or LB but Wills is a top guy.

According to The Draft Network, “Jedrick Willis is a plug and play Pro Bowl caliber OT in the NFL. Wills has surreal ability as a pass protector, he’s violent, he’s controlled, he’s smooth and he’s smart. Wills plays with a chip on his shoulder and brings the kind of attitude adjustment up front that can make wakes and change the demeanor of an offensive line. Supremely gifted, Wills is especially attractive to teams that push the ball vertically, as his movement skills allow him to shine on an island in pass protection. STUD.”

This first round was an absolute success in this Mock Draft! If the Dolphins can do something like this in live form, they are setting the foundation for years.

Round 2 Pick 7: CB Jeff Gladney

With the first pick in the 2nd round, I wanted to address the defensive backfield. I looked at safeties such as Ashtyn Davis and Antoine Winfield but ultimately went with the scheme versatile cornerback in Gladney. He can fit in both a man or zone scheme and projects as a solid starter in the NFL. I also considered LB Kenneth Murray but I saw CB as the bigger need.

According to The Draft Network, “Jeff Gladney projects as a starting cornerback at the NFL level. His versatility in man and zone coverage alike will serve him well and will allow him to be a fairly universal prospect. Gladney’s foot quickness and ball skills would be best served in defenses featuring a high implementation of man coverage. Playing him in a primary Cover 3 is probably the only role where his best qualities would be consistently mitigated. Gladney’s football IQ should yield early dividends to his NFL team.”

Round 2 Pick 24: RB JK Dobbins

Seeing JK Dobbins around towards the back-end of the 2nd-round made me so happy in this draft. I see Dobbins as the 2nd best RB in the 2020 draft and to see him here was amazing. I again looked at Antoine Winfield and some interior offensive lineman in this spot but the value of Dobbins at this point in the draft is wonderful. I feel great with where the draft has fallen into place and who was available during the picks.

According to the Draft Network, “J.K. Dobbins is a future feature back. Dobbins’ vision will allow him to thrive in a gap heavy rushing system, he’s masterful in his press of the LOS and short-area agility to cut and work to daylight based on defensive flow. Dobbins brings three-down value as a feature back and his natural hands make him a threat for a top RB role in the years to come. Dobbins consistently wins his footraces to the end zone and teams needing life on the ground shouldn’t hesitate to prioritize him.”

Round 3 Pick 6: C Cesar Ruiz

As the 3rd round rolled around, I want to address the offensive line some more and ultimately get a safety. I know I don’t have a 4th round pick, until the very end, so I need to do some good work here. Cesar Ruiz is a top center prospect and I think he brings great value here in the 3rd. I think he carries a 2nd round grade currently and he fills a big need on the offense. I looked at S Terrell Burgess and WR Denzel Mims in this spot as well.

According to The Draft Network, “Cesar Ruiz is a rock-solid center prospect who should comfortably slot into any kind of offensive system at the NFL level. Ruiz brings desirable strength in one on one scenarios but also provides nimble quickness as a puller and in pass protection. His lack of length regulates him to manning the middle as a center only, but he’s a cerebral and polished player leaving Michigan and should provide stability and effective communication at the heart of whichever offensive line he calls home.”

Round 4 Pick 39: S K’Von Wallace

In the back end of the 4th, I wanted to finally address the safety position. I like Wallace and how he can work in the slot and at both safety spots. He played at a high level for Clemson and brings a winning pedigree to the Dolphins. I also considered WR Van Jefferson and a few LB in this spot but wanted to nail down a safety with Rashaad Jones looking like a cap casualty.

According to The Draft Network, “High football I.Q. and awareness. With multiple hats that he’s wearing at safety, it’s clear that the coaching staff has full trust instilled within him in order to satisfy multiple needs. Fluid in man-to-man coverage, but it is not one of his best attributes. Wallace is more of a roamer that likes to operate in space. Ball pursuit is aggressive and makes sure to arrive at the ball point even when he’s not the most immediate option to make tackles. Former days as a two-way play show up often when attacking the ball as he’s shown to be comfortable with finding the ball in the air and making a play on it.”

Round 5 Pick 10: LB David Woodward

I was looking to fill the MLB role with this pick. In the 5th round, I feel comfortable taking a LB with questionable injury history. Woodward has a high football IQ and is someone t delivers some really hard hits to opponents. I considered taking LB Jordyn Brooks and S Jordan Fuller with this pick as well.

According to the Draft Network, “David Woodward projects as a starting linebacker at the pro level — he’s got the necessary processing skills to be an effective MIKE LB. Woodward will need a viable interior defensive line in front of him to protect him from blocks, but his mental processing allows him to beat blockers to the spot. Woodward’s injury history is problematic and will be something that needs to monitored closely for a potential suitor. Woodward’s upside is notable — if he’s healthy, he’s a force.”

Round 5 Pick 27: OT Saahdiq Charles

Charles projects as a prospect at the OT position. He can fit either the LT or RT. I took Wills earlier in the draft so I will look for Charles to fill the RT role on the line. I considered WR Quintez Cephus as a possibility with this pick but wanted to shore up the offensive line some more. He is projected to go earlier and is amazing value here in the fifth round.

According to The Draft Network, “Saahdiq Charles projects as a potential starting left tackle at the NFL level. He has high-end physical tools, functional athleticism and build at his disposal — offering ample foundation to build upon. Charles will need to fill out his frame and add some additional functional strength in order to hold up consistently at the NFL level, and his off-field status is filled with question marks due to disciplinary measures. Charles should be considered a high ceiling, low floor prospect.”

Round 6 Pick 6: WR Quartney Davis

I find it is now time to try and draft some playmakers for Tua Tagovailoa to throw too. Some might think it is too late but Davis is a 3rd or 4th round grade and offers good route running with above average speed. I considered taking another pass rusher but wanted to grab the best WR left on my board.

According to the Draft Network, “Crisp! There’s very little wasted movement in Davis’ game — impressive control of his body, steps and breaks to sufficiently snap off his route stems and create significant separation, regardless of whether that comes on hard angled breaks back to the LOS, speed outs into the boundary or shallow adjustments across the face of defenders squatting at the top of the route. Davis is flashing much more production early on in 2019 and with continued production could make a significant push to consider declaring — his route tree, exposure and techniques to create space in the secondary all suggest there’s notable next-level potential. Davis moves a little bit like Deebo Samuel — he’s a taller player but watching him operate in releases and breaks brings me flashbacks to Samuel at South Carolina…and Davis is quick, too.”

Round 6 Pick 18: EDGE Tipa Galeai

I love the later rounds because you want project players and can take risks on guys with some questionable histories. Galeai was dismissed from TCU when he assaulted two students but found a home in Logan Utah. He displays some really good rushing instincts and would fill the rotational pass rusher role that for the Dolphins.

According to the Draft Newtork, “A juiced-up pass rusher with elite burst. Explosive, natural edge bender who can dip and flatten around the corner on a consistent basis. Has a lethal fastball as a dominant speed rusher. Takes advantage of speed mismatch off the edge with well-timed inside counter moves. High-effort player. Consistently chases down plays from the backside and has a knack for always being around the football. Offers a ton of stand-up value as a 3-4 outside linebacker. Adept and experienced at dropping into coverage. Instincts are off the charts. Has impressive blend of anticipation and quickness off the ball. Very productive 2018 season with 10.5 sacks, three forced fumbles, and two interceptions.”

Round 6 Pick 23: G Tommy Kraemer

I was looking to add another prospect on the offensive line and went with Kraemer because he was the best one on the board at the time. He offers a big frame and is good in pass protections. I want to make sure that Tua is protected and Kraemer can slide over to center if necessary. I considered Antoine Brooks in this spot but really wanted to address the offensive line again.

According to the Draft Network. “Huge, wide, big, large. Really tough to work around in pass protection given the sheer breadth and length he brings to the interior. Also present an issue on combo/scoop blocks as he wins on half-man relationships and walls off the second level nicely when working off of doubles. Has a headhunter’s mentality when he’s uncovered and regularly broadsides unsuspecting rushers as a help blocker; will also look to flatten when he’s steamrolling into the second level. Has some recovery flexibility when working to re-anchor against bull-rushes and doesn’t have much panic in his game when facing power.”

Round 7 Pick 32: TE Josiah Deguara

I wanted to privde some TE depth behind Gesicki and Deguara fills that role. I also considered WR Joe Reed, excellent kick returner/WR and S Alohi Gilman but wanted a really good blocking TE.

According to The Draft Network, “Josiah Deguara projects as an ideal TE2 at the NFL level. There’s some developmental upside to get more nuance out of Deguara’s game, but he’s currently a blue collar worker in the box who brings needed scrappy attitude and blocking success to the point of attack and just enough of a vertical threat in the pass game to be a constant thorn in the side of defenses. There’s room for improvement, added nuance to some of Deguara’s route running, which could lead to a starting role.”

Round 7 Pick 37: S Alohi Gilman

I went Alohi Gilman here because I wanted the versatility that he offers The Draft Network has him inside their top 80 prospects. The Dolphins need as much help as they can get on their defense.

According to The Draft Network, “Alohi Gilman is a promising NFL prospect who will thrive in a defense that does what Notre Dame was able to do with him — move him around. Gilman won’t bring a lot of value in half field or single high, but he’s an absolute stalwart in run defense, brings potential as a nickel linebacker in sub-packages and can fill a role in the early downs as a stereotypical strong safety. Look for Gilman to make an impact quickly, but only if teams use his tackling and versatility as a weapon.”

Overall I would give this mock draft an A due to filling all the needs that the Dolphins had. I think more can be done in Free Agency to fill the rest. Let me know what you all think!