Midsommar Review

A film that I had as an underrated flick heading into this summer season. Director Ari Aster is back at it after his debut film Hereditary (Highly Underrated) with a twisted look into a pagan horror cult experience in the 21st century.

After watching this film, you basically wanna ask Ari if there is something wrong with him. This was one of the weirdest and disturbing movies I have witnessed in my life and I’m 29.

A couple is on a brink of breaking up, but because of a family tragedy things change. She ends up joining her boyfriend and his friends on a trip to one of their roommates hometown in Sweden. Things seem fine at first but then something changes with these people as the days go by.

Ari takes us into a cult and how this cult performs, and what it believes in, what do they do on a day to day basis. It’s disturbing because you see Dani ( Florence Pugh) go through so many raw emotions throughout this film that you have to give her applause for this performance.

Christian (Jack Reynor) was the boyfriend and also carried a lot of weight throughout this film. Camera angles were disturbing and visceral. This is what makes Ari unique and special.

Jordan Peel has gone on to say “this is the best horror movie of our time.” I don’t agree with him but it’s just out of this world and I don’t know if I mean that I’m a good or bad way.

If you are into these kind of demented, disturbing thoughts and visuals be my guest. It kept me on the edge of my seat till the very end.

Review: 7/10