Miles Sanders vs David Montgomery-Who is the Better Fantasy Option

Recently, I was asked the following question:

“Should I start David Montgomery or Miles Sanders?”

Which led me to thinking “Who’s the better investment for teams and ownership?”

Not for NFL owners, but fantasy owners and their teams.

This is one of the better debates that we, as a people, can be involved in at this time.

When it comes to David Montgomery, one might choose him saying

“Yes, because you need to protect your stud RB at all costs, even if it means not using him for the workload he was meant to have and have him ride the bench.

While the counterpoint on that statement would argue that the Bears RB is no stud and hasn’t done anything thus far to deserve that title

When it comes to Miles Sanders, one would argue that he is the better option on Fantasy rosters, because he is the 18th ranked RB in most PPR leagues. In addition, he’s averaging about 5-7 pts a week just from punt & return yards if you’re scoring system allows that.

In counterpoint, one would argue that Sanders will most likely get less passing work with Desean Jackson coming back from a month setback due to injury.

While Miles Sanders has more points and is currently ranked higher than Montgomery, remember unless you’re in a rotisserie league none of that matters while moving forward with your team.

One concern you may have is that we’re not even into the 2nd half of the season and that as both these rookie running backs develop more and become more adjusted to the NFL game pace, that

  1. Sanders will lose his role as a returner
  2. The Bears get their stuff together after their bye week & start to use Montgomery more and more.

The Bears offense has looked beyond unfathomable. They’ve all but cut out Cohen, one of their biggest playmakers, Trey Burton continues to be a waste of money who continues to show Bears fans that his heart is cracked more than the Liberty Bell while still residing in the northeast toilet known as Lincoln Financial Field.

If Mitchell Trubisky continues to struggle with passing the ball more than 15 yards, the running game will HAVE to be involved for a successful 2nd half.

For fantasy owners, an improvement would most definitely involve lots more carries for #32.

Still, if you’re getting points for Sanders on special teams, this deal is a no brainer. And if you’re not getting special teams points from Sanders like most of us aren’t, Sanders is still the better option because the Eagles have a stronger O-line and a better overall offense that moves the ball better, gets more yards and scores more TDs as a whole.

Montgomery is gonna need a season to learn and adjust to the NFL game. It looks like Sanders might just need a few more weeks, and a visit to Amsterdam, to get his motor revved up.

Penn State football along Saquon Barkley is a lot different than Iowa State football with whoever was “the other guy” at ISU when David was running wild.


Miles Sanders is the easy victor in this debate(in my book). Not only for this season but for Dynasty owners as well. And more so, if the quarterback situations for Philadelphia & Chicago remain constant for the foreseeable future.

Congratulations Miles. You win. Now layoff the booze & cheesesteaks.
We don’t want to watch you become the next Eddie Lacy.