MLB Trade Deadline Rumors- Houston Astros Edition

What will Astros do to Bolster the Roster

To say the trade deadline is around the corner is an understatement. The deadline is punching us in the face with no remorse. There was so much more breathing room in past seasons but here we are face to face. With this being the situation Astros fans and players have to look back at the saying “In Luhnow We Trust”. I am in no way comparing Luhnow to God just simply stating Mr. Luhnow has been the best GM at making deals and signings in all of MLB the past few seasons and even before that (ask St Louis). 

Thor: Apparently the Astros pulled out of the running for Noah Syndergaard due to not wanting to part ways with minor league stud Kyle Tucker. This seems absolutely ridiculous to me and I have to believe there was something else behind this. I trade Tucker plus others every day for Thor and that contract. I just keep telling myself, in Luhnow, we trust.

Mad Bum: I don’t see a chance of this happening even though I wouldn’t mind it. Moving on….

Bauer: Trevor possibly lowered his trade value with his fit he threw on the mound the other day but he did prove he can play a great game of long toss with that hurl over the centerfield wall. Bauer and the Astros have history, just not good history. He and Gerrit Cole were college teammates at UCLA and there are a few stories of how they did not get along. There is also the twitter wars he had with the whole Astros pitching staff and Alex Bregman (who will go to war against anybody). That being said Bauer is an elite pitcher with another year under contract so I think the Astros could find a way to get along for the sake of a World Series.

Boyd: This is my semi sleeper but I think Luhnow might not do it due to the whole rental deal mentality, it’s just not his style. Matthew Boyd would be a perfect addition to the rotation for this season though and hopefully would be intrigued to resign with the young fun and winning atmosphere The Stros provide. 

Relief: The Astros have to add at least one if not two bullpen arms. I do not know how Luhnow will work this out but… “In Luhnow We Trust”.