MLB in Review: A Historic 2019 Regular Season

The 2019 season was a historic season in many ways. Homerun records fell left and right. For teams and for players. Justin Verlander and CC Sabathia recorded their 3,000 strikeouts.

A rookie named Big Meat Pete broke the freshman home run record and led the majors in that category. The home run was all the rage, contact was not, and some people are creating pushback. They don’t want the game to be played this way. That’s another discussion entirely. DJ Lemahieu defies this style of play.

This year we saw four teams win 100 games for the first time ever (Houston, Dodgers, Yankees, and Twins) and four teams also lost 100 for only the second time. In the era of launch angle and strikeouts galore, it was truly an amazing season. A wide-open competition for the World Series is upon us.

Big time acquisitions like Manny Machado and Bryce Harper had good years, but both the Phillies and Padres seasons have come to an end. Ironically, Harper’s former team made it. Not to say he is the reason the Phillies didn’t. Bryce’s numbers were quite clutch.

Maybe no acquisition was greater than DJ Lemahieu, who changed the way the Yankees lineup could do things. Adding a simpler approach in crunch time, as opposed to home run or bust. Yet once again, the Yankees were a powerful team despite every injury known to mankind. Four teams broke the single-season home run record from last year’s Yankees. The Twins and Yankees both smashed over 300 homers. With the Twins slightly edging them out. In Houston, we saw a pair of aces throw 300 strikeouts for the first time since 2002 when Johnson and Schilling did it.

This was clearly a season of powerful records going down, historic milestones and drama everywhere. Christian Yelich and Bellinger fought all summer for the MVP. Belli might edge him out because of defense. Trout seemingly leads the pack in the AL( shocker right?). Alex Bregman is a serious candidate as well. The only race I see as clear cut is which Houston ace wins the CY. Plus Alvarez and Alonso being ROTY for their respective leagues.

Managers of the year should be Boone and Counsell. I’d choose Degrom for the NL Cy young. Yet wouldn’t scoff at Ryu or Flaherty. Degrom leads in strikeouts and whip, as well as War, and is 2nd in era.

It will be interesting to see who holds the crown come late October. I hope it’s the Yankees. Yet what I’ve learned is I know nothing.

What a season!!!