MLB Power Rankings-7/30/19

Pre-Trade Deadline MLB Power Rankings 

1. Los Angeles Dodgers (69-39)

This team is still the best in the Majors but they need some serious help in the bullpen. You can have Kershaw, Buehler, and Ryu but if the bullpen blows a 5 run lead, starting pitching means nothing. 

2. Houston Astros (68-39)

Carlos Correa is now healthy and hitting Grand Slams. This team is going to get healthy and will be the top team coming out of the AL. 

3. New York Yankees (67-38)

The Yankees dropped due to losing 3 of 4 from the Red Sox. The starting rotation isn’t proving its doubters wrong. Would it be able to survive a Playoff series against the Astros or Red Sox?

4. Minnesota Twins (64-41)

They had a double digit lead on the division in June but it now only sits at 2 games. This isn’t due to them as much as the Indians play but they need to make a move ASAP.

5. Cleveland Indians (62-43)

Welcome to the Top 5 Cleveland! They only lost 1 series in July and that was to the team directly above them, Minnesota. 

6. Atlanta Braves (62-45)

The 2nd best team in the NL behind only the Dodgers. The urgency to trade for a starter increased with Stroman being traded to the Mets. 

7. Boston Red Sox (59-48) 

They have been scorching hot the last few weeks as they took 3 of 4 from the Yanks and 2 of 3 from the Rays.

8. Oakland Athletics (60-47) 

They are currently 8 games behind the Astros but are sitting pretty in the Wild Card spot. This team has definitely been overachieving all season.

9. Tampa Bay Rays (60-48)

Losing Blake Snell hurts and there are concerns about how they have been playing since June 1st with a record of 25-28. 

10. Washington Nationals (57-49)

Scherzer has back issues but the Nationals are rolling. Strasburg gave up 4 runs all of July and Patrick Corbin has a 3.25 ERA and Anibal Sanchez 6-0 over his past 10 starts with a 2.58 ERA.

11. Chicago Cubs (56-49)  

The bullpen is a mess, they are 11 games under .500 on the road but there is way too much talent on this team not to ultimately win the division, right?

12. St. Louis Cardinals (56-49)

The Cardinals run to the first place in the NL Central goes to show the mediocrity of the “big three” teams in the NL Central.

13. Philadelphia Phillies (55-50) 

The Phillies have a relatively soft schedule the next two weeks that includes seven against the Giants, three against the White Sox and three in Arizona. Can they take advantage?

14. Milwaukee Brewers (56-51)  

The NL Central is a mystery but one thing that isn’t is that the Brew Crew need starting pitching badly. 

15. San Francisco Giants (54-52)

The Giants have been one of the hottest teams in baseball since the break. Will they trade Bumgarner and Smith, or continue to power through the season?

 16. Los Angeles Angels (55-53)

Mike Trout is in the middle of another all-time season. With 34 homers, he’s on pace to shatter his previous career-high of 41. Trout also leads the Majors with a .440 OBP.

17. Arizona Diamondbacks (53-54) 

Going 3-3 against the Orioles and Marlins is not good. They continue to ride the mediocre train through the season.

18. Texas Rangers (53-53)

Another team that has fallen off recently. They rode an 8 game losing streak coming out of the break and it seems they are on the verge of having the season slip away. 

19. New York Mets (50-55)

I’m not sure of what to make of the Mets. There have been talks of trading Syndergaard and Wheeler but then they bring in Stroman. 

20. San Diego Padres (50-56) 

The Padres roster is too talented to be having the struggles they are. Hopefully, they trade for Noah Syndergaard to help boost the starting pitching. 

21. Colorado Rockies (50-57)

The NL West is interesting due to recent struggles outside of LA. The Rockies have gone 5-18 in their last 23 games. 

22. Seattle Mariners (46-63)

Daniel Vogelbach is hitting .214 with a .270 on-base percentage since the All-Star break. If he was in the Home Run Derby, would we have a bunch of talk about how it ruined his swing?

23. Cincinnati Reds (49-55)

Except for Arizona, the Reds currently have a better run differential than the teams ranked between here and #12.

24. Chicago White Sox (46-57) 

They were only one game under .500 going to the Fourth of July. The wheels have since fallen off the bus. 

25. Pittsburgh Pirates (46-60)

The Pirates have gone 2-15 after the All Star break. They are also the team that dropped the furthest in the rankings this week. 

26. Miami Marlins (41-63)

The team sale started a few days ago when Closer Sergio Romo was dealt to the Minnesota Twins. Is Starlin Castro next?

27. Kansas City Royals (40-68) 

The Royals have come out of the break playing well and seem intent on avoiding the 100 loss mark for the season. 

28. Toronto Blue Jays (41-67) 

Bo Bichette has finally gotten the call to the majors. The infield tandem of Biggio, Bichette, and Guerrero can be a dominant force for years. 

29. Baltimore Orioles (35-71)

The Orioles took 3 of 4 from the Angels in Los Angeles but then got trounced in the first game in San Diego. 

30. Detroit Tigers (31-71)

The Tigers are the worst team in baseball currently and have gone 3-14 after the All Star Break.

Brant Meeks