MLB Trade Deadline- Atlanta Braves Bolster the Pen

C-Hard’s Yard

Wow! What a great day to be a Braves fan. Alex Anthopoulos has received hefty criticism in the last year for “hoarding” prospects instead of making deals to make the club better. Those whispers were silenced for the time being with an outstanding trade deadline. All started with the acquisition of Chris Martin last night to help stabilize the middle relief corp.

Today, it was widely rumored the Braves were going after Detroit closer Shane Greene heavily. Those rumors finally came into fruition costing a surprisingly light fee. Braves gave up a few prospects, but only Joey Wentz was arguably a top 10 prospect in the organization. Even with his pedigree, he’s being  locked by many other pitching prospects. Greene is another high k, low walk reliever that will most-likely take over the closer role. His line drive rate is the lowest in the majors this season, which is the reason for his very low babip. Batters haven’t been able to square him up. He has yet to blow a save this season.

To finish the day off, the Braves added Mark Melancon from the Giants. He’s a very pricey right-handed pitcher who has seemed to have figured out his form this season. Heavy ground ball guy who can come in situationally with men on base. Because of his hefty price tag, he was rather cheap. Braves traded Tristan Beck(no future with team) and Dan Winkler(up and down reliever in his career).

I predicted they’d at add arms and they one-upped me with 3. I correctly predicted Greene, but I thought he was an obvious answer. Overall, this deadline brings our struggling pen to arguably the best in the National League.