MLB Trade Deadline-Houston Astros World Series Favorites

In Luhnow we Trust.

The baseball world has been turned upside down by this Genius once again.  Luhnow stays true to his word, Tucker and Whitley are off limits.  As we got closer to the deadline it looked like the Houston Astros(69-39) and Luhnow weren’t going to be able to make any moves, but then the hammer dropped and news started to roll in.

The Astros absolutely won the 2019 trade deadline with the acquisition of Zack Grienke from the Arizona Diamondbacks(54-54).  Astros were in the market for a 3rd Starting Pitcher and walked away with their 3rd Ace.  The Astros are making trades you do while playing MLB the Show at home.

Don’t get me wrong, especially after today, the farm system is depleted and not what it once was.  The Astros now have only Tucker and Whitley in the top 100 prospects according to

Notable Starting Pitchers acquires via trade:

  • 2017 Justin Verlander
  • 2018 Gerrit Cole
  • 2019 Zack Grienke

With the off-season free agent signing of LHP Wade Miley and trade acquisition of Aaron Sanchez, the Astros will feature the best Starting Rotation in all of Baseball.

Sanchez will be the new experiment for Brett Strom, and until Ryan Pressly returns from the IL, he will be featured out of the bullpen and then moves to become the 5th Starter.  For the playoffs, he will move to the pen full time.

Starting Rotation:
Gerrit Cole
Wade Miley
Justin Verlander
Zack Grienke
Jose Urquidi/ Aaron Sanchez

Something to note, due off days and schedule. The Astros have a while until they need a 5th SP to make a start.

Once again Astros Fans, Jeff Luhnow says trust me and we will go far.  It’s World Series or bust now, with this pitching staff and this line-up, let’s make it happen.

Justin Hamilton