MLB Trade Deadline- New York Yankees Rumors

The last few days have been shocking in trade deadline land. Marcus Stroman, almost a shoe in to be landed by the Yankees, goes to Queens. Trevor Bauer to the Reds?! Nobody could fathom this. 

It makes me wonder what Brian Cashman has turned down in negotiations. Fans are quick to spew venom in situations like this. We need pitching would be a mantra, even If New York possessed 5 Sandy Koufaxes. It’s a reflex for a fanbase that steadily thrives on complaints.

That’s the Yankee way. One I vehemently loathe. I realize there is more to this than we know. The war rooms with GM’s and owners aren’t bugged. We aren’t privy to these conversations. So getting what these fans desperately want, can prove complicated, at times. Especially if teams constantly jack up the price, just because they’re the Yankees.  Would you give up Gleyber Torres for anything less than Mad Max? Probably not.

I understand this is a results game, but sometimes you have to peel back layers, instead of spitting and spewing at surface level things. It’s like a child being unhappy and tantrum filled after not getting a toy, but having no understanding that his mom couldn’t afford it. I’m not saying all Yankee fans are this way. Yet, you know exactly the group I’m speaking on. Now tomorrow will come and go, and the Yanks need to add a pitcher, but be patient. Exhale, and delve deeper once in a while. Have soft eyes, as the great Kima Gregg’s once said. Let the chips fall where they may. 

Corey Reighn