MLB Trade Deadline Rumors- New York Yankees Potential Pitching Trade Prospects

The All Star break has come and gone. The Yankees are in first place right now and cruising but there is always room to get better.

I wanted to touch on the Yankees starting pitching and talk about what potential trade candidates they have been linked to. I am in the minority amongst the fanbase, where I don’t believe it’s a bad rotation or one in dire need of an upgrade. What it could use is more depth. Sabathia and Paxton are visitors of the DL too often. Tanaka has been solid. Happ has been a mixed bag, and German has a tremendous upside. So a foursome of Tank, Paxton, German and potentially Sevy could be more than enough in playoff play.

The issue is the nonguaranteed factor. Health is the biggest concern for the rotation. Therefore you want to add depth as an insurance policy. Getting an ace like Max Scherzer would be a pure pipe dream. The Nationals GM stated he would only accept a “franchise-altering” return for Mad Max. I can’t say I blame him. Plus the Nats are in contention, in addition to Scherzer being a generational, iconic talent. You don’t just ship him off to the Yankees, nor would you do it for scraps. With that being said the Yankees have no interest in losing Gleyber Torres. 

Noah Syndergaard aka Thor would be an intriguing move, despite his somewhat underachieving moments. The Mets will not help their crosstown foes in any way, shape or form. What is left is the following.

  • Marcus Stroman
  • Madison Bumgarner 
  • Matthew Boyd
  • Robby Ray
  • Trevor Bauer

I could even add Mike Minor from the Rangers. While getting an ace would deem a monumental task, there are available, quality starters.

Trevor Bauer to me won’t happen for the Yankees due to Cleveland being well in contention and in need of him, due to injuries to Kluber and the recent news of Carrasco’s illness. Unless they wanted to pull off a Chris Archer type of deal. In this deal, they would have to get back a bevy of talent due to depth. But Bauer isn’t depth and is needed. Disappointing, because he would be my top pick on this list. He has a bulldog mentality and amazing stuff, that includes a nasty curve, slider and mid to high 90’s fastball.

Matthew Boyd is intriguing from Detroit. He is very much in control for the next 3 years. With that comes an expensive price tag in prospects. But is he truly an ace? Detroit is horrible and these are the kind of guys you keep. It isn’t like he is an expensive vet. This one seems like a long shot for the Yanks.

Madison Bumgarner has regressed since 2016. He is no longer the same guy from those heroic October nights. People pining for him are living in the past. His hard-hit rate has gone way up. I don’t like that for the AL East, nor would I give up a King’s ransom for him. He is a legend but reality has to set in here.

Robbie Ray is a very good talent with high swing and miss ability. Ray is a good fit for the Yankees. The Diamondbacks are technically in the race, but likely on borrowed time. They’d sooner want to deal Greinke. But this is something that seems possible for the Yanks if they haul wasn’t too steep. 

Marcus Stroman has pitched his entire career in the AL East and owns a career ground ball rate of 62 percent. He also doesn’t serve up a ton of homers. So his lesser K rate wouldn’t be as bothersome. He is 28 with another year of control left. He also is from New York and won’t cost the statue of liberty. I think this is the most logical move. It would add depth and insurance.

Getting an ace to put them over the top is not in play. So you go to the next play on deck. If Severino returns and can provide a spark, then you’re in business.

Just my two cents.


Corey Reighn