MLB Trade Deadline Rumors- The New York Yankees Need a Starting Pitcher

The MLB trade deadline is approaching fast, in two days, teams will be lining up to add for the stretch run. The Yankees saw a wrench thrown into their plans yesterday when Marcus Stroman was dealt to the Mets. In a puzzling move, yet one that is actually pretty solid for both sides. Two young pitching prospects with upside went to Toronto. The Mets will likely lose one of Thor or Wheeler, so they wanted a younger pitcher with control. The issue is they really aren’t contending. 5.5 games out of a wild card is doable, but not inspiring. 

The reason why this is frustrating is that Stroman was the pitcher I felt made the most sense for the Yanks. I am hearing all sorts of reports that the Jays asked for Torres and others. It seems to me that teams want to fleece the Yankees. That since their rotation need is so dire, they’ll just do anything. Wrong. Brian Cashman will not be taken advantage of for quick fixes. Some fans don’t like it. They don’t have to. Maintaining yearly success is predicated on smart business. Not instant gratification.

I believe by Thursday, the Yankees will get someone. Just not by any means possible. Teams can’t expect the moon for non-aces. Clint Frazier and Florial etc is a good starting point. If Max Scherzer were possible, this narrative would change. Robbie Ray remains a possibility. The Tigers would deal Boyd, will NY meet their price? After Trevor Bauer’s classic meltdown yesterday, some feel the Indians have soured on him. I don’t necessarily believe that, but if he is there, the Yankees need to navigate a deal. He is a tremendous upgrade. Everything else remains a mystery. Thor? The Mets already proved how petty they are. Bullpen additions could prove important if the starter idea goes awry. Stay tuned, folks. 

In closing, I wanted to discuss the Yankees, moving forward in 2019. They have one of the best records in baseball and have a nice cushion atop the AL East. The goal is to keep going and remain consistent. The offense has been very good and clutch. The pitching is inconsistent in the rotation. Yet everything combined has led to this. They play Boston this week for 4 more games, at home. After that, 4 more times, the rest of the way. The Yankees have dominated their division, overall.

They also have played great against good teams. Both a recipe for sustained success. It would take a major collapse for the Yankees to lose this division. The ultimate prize is what this team is after. If the pitching regulates itself, this team can go all the way. But as we know, nothing is guaranteed. Only their resilience. 

Corey Reighn