MLB Trade Deadline-Thor on the Move??

Could it finally be happening? Could we finally see the first major domino fall in this year’s trade class of starting pitchers? Earlier today, Ervin Santana was pulled from his start for AAA club Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. This either means that Noah Syndergaard or Zach Wheeler has been traded. By pulling Santana from his start, it allows the New York Mets to replace one of their starters. Yes, Syndergaard is scheduled to start tonight but it is not too late for them to switch his for Santana.

At this point it is only assumptions that some deal has been made but this could be the first big move to kick off a major trade. Everything is fluid, of course, but as of now Syndergaard still scheduled to start tonight in Chicago. Mets manager Mickey Callaway said over the weekend that the team had a plan in place in the event they needed a starting pitcher from the minors to replace one that was traded. Could this be that plan?

Brant Meeks