More Drama with NFL & Kaepernick

There has been no shortage of drama that continues to encircle the embattled QB Colin Kaepernick. However, this is more about the NFL and how they wanted today to go. The NFL started by scheduling this tryout on Saturday, instead of the normal Tuesday. Then the NFL wanted him to sign a waiver, way outside the standard workout waiver, that would have exonerated the League from any further violations that they might have committed since the settlement in February.

So Kaepernick decided that he was not going to participate in the charade the NFL was putting together and decided that he was going to do his own thing. He put together his own “Pro Day” and invited 5 Wide Receivers, not the 3 the NFL planned, and set it to be open to Media and NFL Teams. Of course the NFL wasn’t pleased with it and put out a statement as damage control.

In the next few days, there will be reports from both sides regarding the performance of Kaepernick from the “Pro Day”. In my opinion, it doesn’t really matter because I don’t see any way that Kaepernick will be signed and if he is, it won’t be to start. Whatever your opinions are on Kaepernick, there will not be any major changes that will come from this until we tackle the bigger issue.

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