My Hero Academia: Deku 100% (Spoilers)

My Hero Academia: Deku 100% (Spoilers)

Written by Jerred “Jack” Fournier

For the manga readers, they were waiting for it, and for the anime watchers, they had no idea what was coming. Spoilers, but we finally get to see Deku access 100% of One for All, while in a Full Cowling mode. To someone casually watching it was a hint of what Deku is going to be at full power. They would be wrong.

Short catch up for anyone who needs the background (like my editor). Deku has been unable to use the full power he inherited from All Might because using it above roughly 5 (later 10 and for short time 20%) he would shatter whatever body part it was channeled through. When he did learn to use a mode he calls full cowling, where he channels it throughout his body, he had stopped trying to use all of his power. Now focusing on controlling his immense power in much smaller doses.

Fans were left seeing his slow growth with only his earlier ‘smashes’ as hints of what he might be able to do. Well, all fans were given a hint of his full power against Overhaul as he had Eri on his back. Her ability basically healing him, faster then he could kill himself. So we got to see him using what was called infinite 100%.

Good, we all caught up? Great. Here is what you missed. That wasn’t Deku’s full power. (Manga readers I am not talking about some of his more recent developments.)

When watching the fight we see just arcs of energy as even his hair literally glows with power. Most have said that is just an artistic touch to his display of power. A way to give a feel of the amount of strength and ability he is reaching into. It does help the case that no one ever mentions it, though some might be just working under the assumption it would be impolite.

We have seen only one other person use One for All, and that is All Might himself. We never did see him arc energy or anything like that in his fights, so it just may be a Deku thing for flair. So unless we see the other wielders using it and we have little to gauge on.

Except we have seen All Might arc energy, only once. During his fight with All for One, when his body has reverted mostly to its smaller form. He starts to arc yellow (his trademark color) all over his limbs currently using his remnants of One for All. He was at his weakest, so why would he be showing “higher levels of strength”.

Answer: His body cannot contain the power it is trying to use.

Roughly speaking, that means yes he can use all of the power without killing himself. It’s now his body is not able to process it correctly and it leaks out in the form of arcs of energy. We only see a little in the weakened All Might. Deku during his Overhaul fight was a ball of energy radiating from him. If this idea holds true, then we have only seen the maximum levels his body can currently contain, not what it can become.

Considering what has happened in the manga in regards to Deku’s connection to One for All, we can be damn sure he is going to live up to being “The World’s Greatest Hero.”