NCAA Football Conference Championship Week Preview and Schedule

NCAA Football Conference Championship Week Preview and Schedule

Conference Championship weekend is always a hell of a weekend and this time will be no different. The game of the weekend should be LSU and Georgia as they play in a game that will ultimately determine the playoff. If LSU wins then Utah and Oklahoma still have a shot to get in. If Georgia wins then the top four are expected to stay status quo. With the only difference being matchups.


#3 Clemson vs. #23 Virginia

Clemson has been getting negative attention from the media due to their lack of strength in schedule. Virginia Tech getting upset last week doesn’t help matters. The Tigers must win against Virginia in the ACC Championship if they want to get in the playoff. I think they will. Easily.

Clemson-38 Virginia-14


#2 LSU vs. #4 UGA

What is absolutely the best game of Conference Championship weekend, the most-watched for sure, most entertaining maybe, but not as close as some may think. Despite being #4 in the country, close victories this season against Notre Dame (6 pts) and Kentucky ( 3TD’s but that should have been greater) shows me that the Bulldogs offense simply won’t be able to keep up with that of LSU. Look for a close game at halftime that will slowly expand like my stomach over the course of a day at a buffet.

LSU-45 UGA-27


#1 Ohio State at #8 Wisconsin

The Badgers are starting to look like the same Badgers team that started the season, unfortunately, it’s too little too late. Even at their best, Wisconsin would be lucky to keep this a two-score game. Yes, technically Wisconsin is the 2nd best team in the Big Ten this year, but Khris Middleton is the 2nd best player on the Milwaukee Bucks-It looks good on paper, but really isn’t that spectacular when your teammate is Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Ohio St. 41 Wisconsin-26


#5 UTAH at #13 Oregon

This should be a close game and a shoot out. Despite a lower ranking and lower seed, I project that Oregon’s steady mix of rush/pass plays will keep them at pace with Utah, who should set an early tone. When the game winds down to the last of the 4th qtr, it’s hard for me to not put my faith in a Heisman candidate and his supporting cast. Look for a game-winning pass in the finals seconds to Charlie Conway. Quack Quack Quack!

Utah-31 Oregon-34


#7 Baylor at #6 Oklahoma

What looks to be a back and forth game for the ages will be a back and forth game for the ages. Oklahoma has been in close game after close game after close game and Baylor has seemingly not gotten the respect they deserved all season long, until the final week. All the stars should fulfill their obligations, and the Big 12 championship will have numerous touchdowns. There are two things I am certain of in this game-between all the BBQ ate and cow farms in the vicinity, just like a pigskin there will be lots of finkle dung on the ground as in the air………and the law of averages prevails.

Baylor-40 Oklahoma-38

Conference Championship is going to be a wild weekend. If things play out the way I think then expect Baylor to jump into the fourth and find themselves into the playoffs.