Netflix’s I Am Mother- Spoiler Free Review

Trust Me… I Am Mother

I Am Mother was a suspense-filled, who do I trust conundrum. Although the trailer promised a little more action than the movie delivered, the suspense lingered the whole time. I wondered who to trust almost the full length of the film and I’m still not too confident in my decision. As the credits rolled, I had an eerie feeling that I rarely receive from dystopian movies. The humanness of Mother’s voice and character left me trying to read facial cues from a robot with no face; trying to decipher if I could trust it or not. 

This film does have its flaws. There are a couple of plot twists that were predictable, but only when paying close attention. I also found it difficult to enjoy this movie in the moment, though it was mostly my fault. It seemed best to turn my brain off and dive into the experience, but that ended up backfiring as I missed the complexity the movie tried to cash in on. My initial response was one of disappointment, but 12 hours later I find the film has grown on me as I wrap my head around the possibilities the story conveyed. 

As I process this movie, I continue to end up at Ex Machina. Although Ex Machina is the gold standard, in my opinion, I Am Mother played off the same emotions Ex Machina first brought us. An AI that seemed innocent, loving, trustworthy, and yet capable of anything. That eerie feeling I was left with was the realization that the AI seemed so human, I made the mistake of assuming it was going to think the way we do. As the machines cold side surfaced, I was left with no reference point, no facial cues, no way to predict what it was going to do next or why.

I give I Am Mother a 4 out of 5. A must watch for any dystopian movie lover and a weeknight watch for the casual Netflix fan. 

Zach Giesegh