New Decade, New Games: Top Five Most Anticipated 2020 Video Games…So Far

Every year, the video game industry continues to show why they are a multi-billion dollar enterprise. Releasing new games, new consoles, new game streaming, and subscription services, video games continue to evolve from what we used to be when we were kids.

More in-depth graphics, more sophisticated gaming engines and just more quality entertainment for gamers.

And with video games, the biggest time for releases is in those last two months of the year between November 1st and December 31st. After that, there’s usually a cool-down period until the summer where the next big set of games are released.

That all changes next year in 2020, with many of the most anticipated games for the year being released in the first four months of the new decade.

Now it would take way too long to go over all of them especially since there will probably be a ton of more games released throughout the year so I will give you the top 5 video games in no particular order that will be released in 2020.

The Last Of Us Part II – 2/21/2020

Arguably this is the biggest game so far announced for 2020. It was originally slated for release this 2019 holiday season, but it was pushed back to early 2020. Thankfully for me and so many more fans of this game, we don’t have to wait a full year to play the sequel to one of the best video games in history.

In case you are out of touch with video games or just somehow never played this masterpiece, The Last Of Us Part I (just called The Last Of Us) follows the main protagonist Joel, a rugged beaten down survivor of a zombie plague that caused him everything including his daughter. Joel joins up with a group of bandits trying to survive and then he is tasked with getting a young girl, Ellie, to a group called The Fireflies. Apparently, Ellie is immune to this plague and whatever is in her body could be a possible cure.

Throughout it all, they encounter rogue bandits, corrupt government combat teams and monsters called Clickers that make clicking sounds but have no vision. They only react to loud sounds. I won’t spoil anything else, but I highly suggest this game.

The Last Of Us Part II follows a much older Ellie out for revenge and Joel joins her on this journey. This game drops in February and for gamers like myself, February couldn’t come fast enough.

Watch Dogs Legion – 3/6/2020

Have you ever wondered what would happen if all the technology in the world was in your hands or someone else’s hands?

Well if you’ve never played Watch Dogs or Watch Dogs 2, this is an open-world game where you play missions using technological gadgets to succeed in your goals.

In this iteration of the series, you play as a group of hackers in London, trying to fix the corruption in the country. Now in the previous Watch Dogs games, you had one playable protagonist in Watch Dogs 1 and two or three in Watch Dogs 2 in the campaign. In Watch Dogs Legion, you play with multiple people and you recruit people to your cause.

This game will be excellent, and I cannot wait for it. It drops in March.

Marvel’s Avengers (A-Day) – 5/15/2020

Over the last 10 years, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has engulfed the world with their multitude of movies following the Marvel comic legacy.

Over those years, there has been an abundance of Marvel-related video games from games like Marvel vs Capcom up until last year’s smash hit Spiderman.

Now in 2020, a new video game will come out where you can play with your favorite Avengers like the Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, and Black Widow. Unfortunately, the game has gotten some backlash. Some gamers are upset that the characters are not voiced by the Hollywood megastars that played the characters in the MCU. Other gamers have mocked the game because the graphics and gameplay aren’t as good as they should be.

I’m excited about the game personally and I believe it will shock people by the end of 2020. Release is scheduled for May.

Halo Infinite – 2020

Now I know I said games that come out in early 2020…but this is a game all X-Box gamers are anticipating.

There are few series that you can say defined a console’s legacy.

PlayStation went from Crash Bandicoot, Tomb Raider, and Final Fantasy to games like Assassins Creed and Uncharted.

Xbox on the other hand, basically gained traction from its legendary series Halo. There have been 5 Halo games so far and from the trailer, this game is highly anticipated.

Halo Infinite is due for release in 2020.

Cyberpunk 2077 – 4/16/2020

If you love first-person games, if you love the world of Deus Ex Human Revolution and Deus Ex Mankind Divided, then you will love Cyberpunk 2077. Based on an old tabletop game, Cyberpunk 2077 takes you into an open world of cybernetics, crime, and change.

Watch the trailer and see how amazing this game is going to be and as an added bonus, you get to play with Keanu Reeves…not in that way ladies. He plays a ghost of a legendary cybernetic who is supposed to guide you through the game.

Cyberpunk 2077 WILL be Game Of The Year in 2020. I bet all I have on that fact.

The game releases in April 2020.

Video gaming is one of my life’s passions and this will be an exciting year for gaming.

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