New England Patriots to Trade for Former Pro Bowl Wide Reciever

We are just a few weeks away from the NFL trade deadline, and moves are starting to pile in. Jalen Ramsey was traded to the Rams. Marcus Peters was traded to the Ravens. Rumors are now swirling around the Patriots and Packers and their needs at the wide out position.

We hit earlier on the Antonio Brown to the Packers rumors, but what about the Patriots? Will they target AJ Green? Or will New England target Emmanuel Sanders? While landing Green would be great, Sanders should come at a cheaper price.

Sanders and the Patriots would be a perfect match, The Patriots wanted Antonio Brown to alleviate pressure off Edelman and to help stretch the field. Just like Brown, Sanders runs great routes and will get you plenty of YAC.

Expect Sanders to be lining up for the Patriots by the October 29th trade deadline.