New Morbius Trailer with Surprising Easter Eggs


Get your crucifixes and garlic ready as the trailer for Morbius dropped today. For a lot of us the character, Morbius is pretty widely unknown. Short of a fun run on the old 1990s Spider-Man animated cartoon series. He is an enigma to most average moviegoers. Michael Morbius is shown as having a rare blood disease. A condition that will soon be fatal unless he runs a risky procedure. While undergoing the treatment something goes horribly wrong, or right depending on your view of the undead. He is then transformed into Morbius the living vampire! With all the abilities that we know so well including strength speed and enhanced senses.

Besides the trailer looking really fun and well done. There are some great actors in this and ties into the Sony Universe that they are creating. With some graffiti on the wall saying Spider-Man is a murderer and a cameo by Michael Keaton who recently portrayed Vulture in the first of Tom Holland’s Spiderman movies. 

With the official film slated for a release on July 31st, we will have to wait and see how the newest Marvel-Sony anti-hero shapes up.

So consider this an official invitation to let this vampire in and sink your teeth into the Morbius trailer.

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