New York Yankees- July Recap

With July rapidly coming to a close, I wanted to touch on the Yankees play during the month. Overall, the Yanks have only lost one series this month, which speaks to their amazing consistency. The offense slumped a bit at the beginning of the month and into the break. By the time they returned home to play Toronto, they picked the savagery back up. With a 7-3 homestand, including a series win vs the rival Rays. This is withstanding a slumping Aroldis Chapman (8.22 era in July) Who blew 3 saves in the month. After having a brilliant May and June. 

The starting pitching for the month was pitching into the mid two’s until this week, which saw the wheels fall completely off. It started with the Twins having batting practice (game of the year anyone?). Yet the Yankees still managed to only drop one series in the process, to rival Boston. The alarmists were on their jobs about the rotation. Something does need to happen there. Going into the playoffs with inconsistent starting pitching is troubling. The Yanks are 13-10 in July, with two games at home vs the Dbacks to end the month. An up and down month in some aspects. Yet, not losing a series for 6 weeks is amazing. Currently, they sit 9 games ahead of the Rays in first place.

Stay tuned for my next piece, as I discuss the deadline and my expectations for the Yankees going forward. 

Corey Reighn