New York Yankees-The Art of the Deal

Too Passive at the Deadline?

The trade deadline came and went, yet the Yankees were left with nothing to gloat about. As New York came up empty, surprisingly, and much to the dismay and great malice of most of the fanbase. How could this happen? One whiff of the Yankees rotation could destroy your nostrils. Yet it’s just not that simple.

In the past, the Yankees would do whatever it took to improve the team. Prospect? Who cares? Salary inflated? No issues at all. Somewhere along the way, as the core four got older, the farm got more barren, something had to change. Many fans from yesteryear thrived under the narrative of reckless abandon. Forgetting how those mid to late 90’s teams were built. Funny how things get conveniently forgotten to suit an argument.

The New Yankee Way

The new age, Hal/Cash led Yankees value development and smart business. They certainly aren’t cheap, they just aren’t willing to get fleeced anymore. Brian Cashman stated Wednesday that nothing was within range. Citing that teams asked for too much, in contrast to what they offered. Was Cash right in saying no? They certainly had some goods that they could afford to lose. I like Clint Frazier, yet he is limited on defense. Florial is a great talent, but the signing of the Martian could have softened the blow.

However, from everything I have heard, that was minuscule compared to what teams were asking for, for non-aces. The Yankees stood their ground. Max Scherzer wasn’t in the mix, plus there’s market price and the Yankee price. Why should they cave for a Robbie Ray? Greinke wasn’t an option(no-trade clause), Bauer was the one I had hoped for. I can only imagine that convo.

The bottom line is, there is grave concern about this rotation. Yet throwing caution to the wind isn’t the answer. These guys are all capable. The Yankees have their record for a reason. Imagine a healthy Severino all season? People downplay that because it’s easy. That kind of talent isn’t someone you abandon. Relying on Sevy to be full bore ace isn’t a sure bet. Yet this is the hand they’ve been dealt. It’s ok to be upset, it’s also ok to have some perspective. We will see what the story tells. Can we fast forward to the final chapter?

Corey Reighn