NFL 2019 Preview- NFC East Edition

Washington Redskins

Oh man, where to begin here. This will be Jay Gruden’s last season in Washington as head coach; entering this year as a lame-duck head coach. Gruden has a rookie quarterback and decent pieces in his offense but I can’t see it being very good.

This team was well on their way to the NFC playoffs until Alex Smith got hurt last season. It was all over from there. Jay couldn’t put together game plans that would give his players a chance to win. This defensive line is a top 5 in the NFL in terms of talent but this team lacks physicality, they lack an identity and the NFC is stacked. Way too stacked for a team without an identity to succeed.

FLOOR: 3-13

New York Giants

Daniel Jones, this team is now all about Daniel Jones. Saquan is good but defenses should limit him this year. Everyone said it was a reach to take Jones and it might have been. However, if he wins early than it’s worth the investment. The Giants have way too many holes and not even enough talent on either side of the ball to compete. Pat Shurmur will have a chance to prove his worth this season. Getting the ball into Saquan’s hands in favorable situations will be the key for the Giant’s success.

FLOOR: 4-12

Philadelphia Eagles

Carson Wentz is back and he’s healthy. Howie Roseman, being the genius that he is, has again made this team a Super Bowl threat. Desean Jackson, Jordan Howard, Darren Sproles, JJ- Whiteside, and Miles Sanders were added to an already loaded offense.

Add Malik Jackson to the defensive line and this team looks scary on paper. The biggest need for the Eagles is for Wentz to stay healthy. He needs to protect himself better and make quicker decisions but I support this Eagles organization and commend them for sticking with their guy.
FLOOR: 9-7

Dallas Cowboys

So many personalities in Jerry world. Everybody wants to get paid. But who deserves it? Dak Prescott is a decent QB when he has weapons. Without them, he is as average as average gets. Zeke Elliot is a bell-cow back, but what’s to say the next man up couldn’t produce similarily behind that O-Line. Amari Cooper played a vital role in helping Dallas get to the playoffs last season but do you pay him?

The defense should play really well again, led by LVE and Smith. Speaking of Smith, what a success story. It’s great to see a kid bounce back from a horrid injury like that. Anyway, this team has too many personalities and too many guys that need to get paid that will end up causing distractions. This will inevitably be Dallas’ downfall if they don’t find themselves in the postseason.

FLOOR: 7-8-1

Justin Patterson