NFL Coaching Hot Seat: Forecasting Black Monday

NFL Coaching Hot Seat: Forecasting Black Monday

My second favorite part of the NFL season is the Monday after the season concludes, otherwise known as Black Monday in the NFL. It’s known as Black Monday because several coaches that have failed to meet or succeed expectations will be given their walking papers. Let’s take a look at some of the coaches who can expect to receive termination notices on Black Monday.

Ron Rivera: Now this one you could say is unfair given the success Rivera has had in Carolina. He took a once dreadful team from the basement of the NFL to a Super Bowl. However, QB Cam Newton has been injured the past two seasons and the Panthers have largely underachieved. Rivera doesn’t have the loyalty of new owner David Tepper, so don’t be surprised when Carolina cuts ties with River Boat Ron

Pat Shurmur: We have a group of the guys that make the transition from coordinator to head coach and succeed. Shurmur is not one of those guys. He is a great offensive coordinator but is just not head coaching material.

Doug Marrone: Marrone lost Nick Foles early in the season and Gardner Minshew kept them afloat but ultimately they are still in a sinkhole. Let’s face it Marrone has had one good year in Jacksonville. Now it looks like that Jags team was overrated and took advantage of injuries to Andrew Luck and Deshaun Watson.

Freddie Kitchens: This Browns team is undisciplined, over-hyped, and not that good. When you put together a team that includes Baker Mayfield, Jarvis Landry, Odell Beckham, and Nick Chubb and you still can’t score…that’s a problem. Freddie Kitchens is a problem. He will be canned and deservingly so.

Matt Patricia: The Lions fired Jim Caldwell after 3 straight seasons finishing over .500. Patricia for the second year in a row will not. As an organization, the Lions cannot justify that logic to their fan base.

Zac Taylor: This move would be highly unlikely knowing how this organization works, but when you finish 0-16 anything can happen. As of right now, 0-16 is very likely.

He lost.

Coaches that should be Fired but Won’t

Adam Gase: I said early in the year that this would be a clusterf#%@ and that’s exactly what it is. According to Charles Johnson, the organization is okay with that.

Dan Quinn: We’ve touched on this already…should he be fired ABSOLUTELY. Will he be fired? Probably not.

Mike Vrabel: The Titans fired a coach after winning a playoff game. Vrabel is unlikely to make the playoffs this season and I don’t believe he should get another year to figure it out.


Jason Garrett: I believe the Cowboys must make a deep run in the playoffs for Garrett to keep his job…and because they won’t Garrett will be terminated following their first-round loss.

Bill O’Brien: The Texans have never made it further than the divisional round. The lack of playoff success that will cost Billy O his job.