NFL Free Agent Would You Rather Edition 3: Dak Prescott or Teddy Bridgewater

NFL Free Agent Would You Rather Edition 3: Dak Prescott or Teddy Bridgewater

When taking a look at Dak Prescott and Teddy Bridgewater it’s difficult to choose who I’d rather pay. Especially if you’re building for the future. They’re both extremely young for QBs with Prescott is 26 while Bridgewater is 27. They both have been starters in the past and both looked great at times this past season.

Teddy Bridgewater: If we were only looking at stats Prescott would have Bridgewater beat in most categories. However, that may be different if Bridgewater hadn’t suffered a devasting noncontact injury. That injury really held Bridgewater back. He was out for over a year and was just hoping he could make a comeback and start for a team. Which Teddy accomplished after being signed by the Saints. 

What most people forget about Teddy Two-Glove is that he played like an MVP candidate before he went down with that injury. The kid was lighting it up for Minnesota, and we have seen some of those same glimpses in his time with New Orleans. We all know Brees is the man down in New Orleans but he was out for 9 games this past season which gave Bridgewater an opportunity to show people that he still got game. With Bridgwater at the helm, the Saints did not dip at all, actually, I’m quite positive they went undefeated in the time he was starting and managed games extremely well while making big plays in the process. I think that’s enough for Bridgewater to get a deal, most likely from a team other than the Saints, quite possibly the likes of the Dolphins, Panthers, Buccaneers, or Chargers. 

Dak Prescott: When Dak entered the league he absolutely tore it up. The Cowboys made the playoffs and all the Cowboys fans were calling for a Super Bowl. Dak has a great arm, can make throws on the run, and take off with the ball when needed. Prescott has the potential to be a franchise quarterback for a long time. He makes plays happen and knows how to lead a team like he has been doing with Dallas over the past few years. 

While this is a tough choice, I would pay Bridgewater over Prescott. I know that is a bit of a stretch but Bridgwater the past two years has been mentored by one of the best QBs that we have seen and that knowledge along with his natural skills it will help him lead his new franchise to the playoffs.

Final Verdict: Seriously Pay Teddy Two-Glove.