NFL Power Power 10 Rankings- Week 10 Edition

NFL Power 10 Power Rankings

1. New Orleans Saints: The Saints are finally back at full strength and ready to take their deserved spot on top of the NFC.

2. San Francisco 49ers: Last week’s close win does nothing but shows the growth of the Cardinals young core. The 49ers face what will be their toughest and most important matchup of the 2019 season.

3.New England Patriots: 1 challenging game=1 loss. The Patriots need to really step up their preparation cause there are no mediocre teams in the playoffs.

4. Houston Texans: The Texans go into their bye week as one of the top four teams in the NFL. However, that status solely depends on how bad the Ravens beat up the Bengals.

5. Kansas City Chiefs: Mahomes re-surges from his bothered ankle and start a new journey towards destiny.

6. Baltimore Ravens: A convincing victory over the Patriots lets the rest of the league know that Jon Harbaugh has many gadgets in his tool belt.

7. Seattle Seahawks: The Seahawks have been involved in the most 3-point or fewer games this season. This week’s game in San Francisco shouldn’t disappoint. Can the addition of Josh Gordon bump this team into the top three?

8. Los Angeles Rams: With Cooks out, the question in L.A. now is not “Where are the Chargers?” but can Cooper Kupp handle all the sudden pressure?

9. Green Bay Packers: A disappointing loss to the Chargers leaves the future in the air for Green Bay. One more leaves the door wide open for the Vikings to assume the position on the throne of the NFC North.

10. Philadelphia Eagles: With Indianapolis disabled and suffering an upset from the hands of the Steelers in the “Backup Bowl”, the Eagles find themselves hanging onto the #10 slot by a hair from Wentz’s chinny chin chin.