NFL Preseason Action: What to Expect Week 1

2019 nfl preseason

Ladies and gentlemen, do you hear that beautiful noise of stadium music pounding after a touchdown? Do you hear that noise of two players talking smack to each other? That’s right…….Football is back!

As a huge fan of the NFL, and football in general I’m happy for tonight. Preseason opens tonight with the majority of teams playing tonight, including my Chargers who play the Arizona Cardinals. Gonna give you guys some inside view on what to expect tonight and this weekend.

Chargers vs Cardinals

We are gonna get a really good look into 2019 first overall pick, rookie quarterback, Kyler Murray and rookie head coach Cliff Kingsbury. Will this be the moment where Kyler puts those negative views to rest? How will coach Kingsbury’s offense resonate in the pros? Will rookie Andy Isabella move up the wide receiver depth chart? Should be fun!

The Chargers are entering this season with two new pieces on defense. Rookie defensive tackle Jeremy Tillery and rookie safety Nasir Adderly. This defense is already vicious but adding two huge needs that they lacked last year should pay off in the end.

How will the running game remain consistent and productive with pro bowler Melvin Gordon sitting home? I also am very intrigued with the Chargers current situation at left tackle with Pro Bowler Russel Okung sidelined with a heart condition.

Giants vs Jets

News broke today that newly acquired running back Le’veon Bell will not be suiting up in tonights game. Bell has not played in over a year and a few hits should be beneficial for himself and his psyche.He should be suiting up. We also get to see the era of Adam Gase begin. Will his offense be a fit for second year quarterback Sam Darnold?

The Giants shocked the world in the 2019 NFL Draft by passing on QB Dwayne Haskins, and selecting QB Daniel Jones. All eyes and I mean all eyes will be on Daniel tonight. How are the Beckham-less Giants going to play without OBJ? I want to see Daniel control this offense and make the right reads and decisions. Who is going to step up at the wide out position?


Bill and Tom are back again and why wouldn’t they be? I can’t wait to see guard Isaiah Wynn in the fold, after being out all of last year. I also can’t wait to see rookie WR N’Keal Harry and how he is used in this offense. The potential and fit is there. Will Tom Brady finally fall off the cliff this year or will he continue to sustain Father Time!?

Happy preseason from everyone here at AEE!

Drew Trammell