NFL Top 10 Power Rankings

1. New England Patriots

New England rolls along like a tumbleweed behind a broken-down barn against a Saquonless Giants. I don’t know about you, but I for one can’t wait until New England faces their 1st real challenge this season……in the 2nd rd. of the AFC Playoffs.

2. New Orleans Saints

Not an impressive win over what has been a C+ performing Jacksonville squad, but to be able to pull out this victory with their top WR being covered like manure on a bed of panhandle roses, Teddy Bridgewater keeps making me scared as to what a very well rested Drew Brees can do with this Saints team.

3. San Francisco 49ers

On a scale of 1-10, the 49ers are clear 7’s across the board which is their biggest advantage as no opponent can pin-point a specific weakness from San Francisco and exploit it. If Garroppolo minimizes his turnovers, the 49ers are clearcut NFC can very well win the NFC West.

4.Houston Texans

Who needs Sherlock Holmes when you got Watson? The answer is opposing teams’ head coaches. I’m unable to dictate whether the running game in Houston is a Blessing, forcing the coaches to put the decision making into Watson’s hand more & more. Or a curse, exposing Hopkins in the passing attack, prohibiting the Texans to perform to the best of their abilities. I have nothing to support the latter claim.

5. Kansas City Chiefs

2 losses at home for the 1st time in a long time, especially with Tyreek Hill back from his suspension, uh I mean injury, doesn’t bode well for a hobbled Patrick Mahomes and the month of February for the Chiefs. If Mahomes keeps spending his free time hanging out with Annie Wilkes, this could be “The Hunt For Red October” for KC’s upcoming opponents.

6. Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson continues to inspire the Seahawks with his “Goonies” philosophy, pulling out more late-game heroics. The absence of Dissly along with Penny’s injury problems will most definitely hurt Seattle’s check-down game, but shouldn’t permanently disable it. It will be interesting to see how the Seahawks squeeze out a win next week. And how I won’t be surprised by it.

7. Philadelphia Eagles

How does the defense top beating up on a handicapped Luke Falk? By allowing an irrelevant Stefon Diggs to have his breakout game vs. them. The Eagles have a distinct advantage against their fellow divisional leaders. And that is that they 100% know that NONE of their divisional rivals, who have taken over as the worst division in the NFL, will threaten to remove them from the top spot for the foreseen future.

8. Green Bay Packers

No Devante? No Problem mon…AGAIN This time the Packers have a young and ineffective group of referees, who still have their minds set on when the new shipment of Zion OG’s with the blue bottoms will come out, to thank for their most recent undeserving W. When in fact, the only blue bottoms the “officials” should be focused on are their very own that will resort them to a wheelchair for the weeks to come. But hey, maybe in a wheelchair the refs will do a job deserving of a standing ovation.

9. Baltimore Ravens

John Harbaugh John Harbaugh Jon Harbaugh! The only consistent thing with Baltimore is the inconsistency of how they attack their opponents. If I were Ravens fan, I wouldn’t get in the habit of relying on Lamar Jackson to save our butts every time our rookie #1 receiver gets hurt nor would I get too hyped over Lamar’s performance this week. He’s absolutely a clutch performer and balls under pressure, but a 6 pt. win over the Bengals isn’t flattering to anyone except Bengals fans who stay in contention for the TUA BOWL.

10. Los Angeles Rams

Los Angeles should be a playoff contender, but their Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde quarterback is preventing them from fooling any other teams. Without the 2018 Gurley on this year’s team, the passing game is exposed and will likely prohibit them from repeating as NFC Champs. The Rams should be higher on this list with better production from Greg Zuerlein and more consistency from their QB. It’ll be interesting to see who the Rams GM trades this off-season to move up in next year’s OL strong draft.