NFL Week 6 Power Top 10

1.New England Patriots

New England’s surprising defense is what separates them from Kansas City at this point in the season. Antonio Brown going back to Greenbow, Alabama to cut the grass might be the best thing that’s happened to the Patriots.

2. Kansas City Chiefs

I know they lost vs. Indy but the Chiefs are still on par for the course and shouldn’t panic. Hill is back and McCoy & Reid’s reignited relationship is coming in handier than expected with the premature loss of Damien Williams and Tyreek Hill. Shady’s back…..Tell a friend.

3.New Orleans Saints

An impressive defensive win over what has been a dominant Dallas offense. Followed by an impressive offensive bid by Teddy Bridgewater is keeping a top 3 seat at the table warm while Drew Brees is licking his wounds(for now). But don’t hold your breath. The Bridge is low and the water is shallow in New Orleans.

4.Philadelphia Eagles

The defense gets no brotherly love for beating up on a handicapped Luke Falk. It looks like Philly is getting their WR & RB roles more situated and is starting to play like everyone thought they would. Extra Whiz on the well-balanced attack currently cooking on the Eagles griddle.

5.San Francisco 49ers

The D-line is strong and the secondary is well disciplined, Kittle is one of the best TEs in the game. San Fran’s running game is now a healthily split between two very good backs running behind a well-disciplined O-line. If Garroppolo minimizes his turnovers, the 49ers can very well win the NFC West, BUT they have to beat the Rams first.

6.Houston Texans

Who needs Sherlock Holmes when you got Watson? The answer is opposing teams’ head coaches. As the Texans continue to improve week by week without any dominant running game. The defense is slowly starting to show signs that if they can hold it together just enough that Houston can be a serious Super Bowl contender.

7.Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson’s great decision making under pressure makes him the most un-noticed MVP candidate in the NFL. Seattle has a well-balanced attack on both sides of the ball, but more of their victories have come from the failures of the opposition as supposed to the Seahawks’ successes. Can you say “By The Skin Of Your Teeth.” Seahawks?

8.Los Angeles Rams

Los Angeles should be a playoff contender throughout the season but their secrets and lies about Gurley’s leg are slowly being leaked like the very fluid that runs through it. Without the same dominant 2018 Gurley on this year’s team, the passing game is exposed and will likely prohibit them from repeating as NFC Champs. The Rams should be higher with better production from Greg Zuerlein and more consistency from the defense.

9.Green Bay Packers

No Davante? No Problem mon. An impressive road victory against what, as of now, seems to be a good Dallas team tells a lot about their versatility. Time will tell if their young defense is legit or if fatigue will slowly settle in overtime and how the newlyweds, Aaron and Matt will come together by seasons end.

10.Dallas Cowboys

With Dallas’ only victories coming via the beatdown of disgustingly bad teams, the future doesn’t look too bright as their schedule will get more difficult. With no viable passing options for Aaron Rodger, Dallas still couldn’t contain a subpar RB. I should be an NFL referee cause this is a very generous spot for a Dallas team that has beaten up on very bad teams early on. Even Cosmo Kramer was a Karate master…….vs. 9-year olds. And No Jerry, I don’t want your money. Give it to Dak. He’s the reason you’re still in my Top 10.

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