NFL Week 9 Power Rankings-Power 10

Week 9 NFL Power 10 Power Rankings

1.) New England Patriots: Bill Belichick joins the 300 win club. Browns fans are happy cause their team is finally a part of history.

2.) New Orleans Saints: Latavius Murray earns his keep for the 2nd week in a row. Drew Brees came back like Jordan wearing the 4-5. I’m confident he faked the injury just cause he needed the rest.

3.) San Francisco 49ers: Nick Bosa does his best to remind Kyle Allen that he ain’t no Cam Newton and Richard Sherman takes offense by getting defensive.

4.) Green Bay Packers: Davante Adams’ absence isn’t slowing the Packers down as the offense shines in a Mahomes-less Chiefs Kingdom.

5.) Houston Texans: Watson gets a whiff of spike and a sniff of greatness. He is starting to become that QB that makes bad players good, good players great, and great players better. J.J. Watt is out for the season.

6.) Kansas City Chiefs: Chiefs lose a close one that could have very well have been a win with Mahomes at helm.

7.) Los Angeles Rams: An easy win against the holder of next year’s #2 draft pick. Time will tell if Kupp can make up for the loss of Cooks, who has played his last game.

8.) Baltimore Ravens: Baltimore was on a bye, so they fall down a notch for doing nothing. Word on the street is that the entire special teams got crabs especially for their matchup vs. Tom Brady.

9.) Seattle Seahawks: Solid road win in the battle of the maleficent birds. What sucks for the Seahawks is that playing in such a good division, they might not make the playoffs despite having a better record than all the other division winners.

10.) Indianapolis Colts: Vinatieri does what he does best and possibly saves Indy’s playoff hopes as well as the #10 spot on this week’s list.