NHL Stanley Cup Finals Game 7-For the Cup

NHL Stanley Cup Finals Game 7-For the Cup

Since the Stanley Cup Playoffs went to a 7 game series in 1939, there have been 16 previous series that have gone the distance. For the first time in 8 years, and the 17th time ever, the Stanley Cup Finals will be concluded in a Game 7 at TD Garden on Wednesday Night.

The Bruins celebrating their game 7 victory over the Canucks!

The last time a series went all 7 games, the Boston Bruins defeated the Vancouver Canucks 4 to 0 leading to the angry Canuck fans rioting in the city. Despite the storied history of Boston, this will only be the 2nd time in history they are playing in a game 7. The St. Louis Blues have never appeared in a Game 7 during the Finals. They have made it further along in this series than they ever had before mainly due to them being swept in each of their previous 3 finals.

When it comes to scoring in game 7’s they seem to be more tight fisted contests. The average number of goals scored in Game 7 is four. Only one time in the previous game 7’s has there been a total of six goals scored. There has never been a hat trick scored during a Finals Game 7. Only 2 times in the history of the NHL has the game gone into overtime with Detroit Red Wings winning both of those games. How exciting would it be to see the game end up with bonus hockey?

The Bruins are heavily favored as the home team and are coming off a 5-1 rout of the Blues. Despite only 1 power play goal, the Bruins dominated play with the help of some softies from Blues goalie Jordan Binnington. The Bruins have so much experience in the Finals but is it something that will pay off in the end? “I think you want to share that with the other guys, but also use that as much as possible,” Patrice Bergeron said. “That being said, you have to go and play the game and be ready for tomorrow’s game. You can’t really live in the past, and it’s about being in the moment.”

The Blues are 9-3 on the road during the Playoffs and are 2-1 in the finals. The Blues have played much better away from home, where they are 6-7. “I just think we get to our game easier on the road,” Blues forward Patrick Maroon said. “Maybe (we’re) thinking too much at home. Being at home, there could be pressure or whatever. It should be no excuses, but I just feel like we get to our game (on the road). We find ways to make it difficult on the opponent and we do it pretty good.”

Tuuka Rask (.938 save percentage, two shutouts, 15-8 record) has powered the Bruins all the way through the playoffs but I see the Blues pulling off the upset in Boston and claiming their first Stanley Cup Championship.

Brant Meeks